Lebanese army opens roads closed by protesters amid scuffles

Lebanese troops are deployed in different parts of the country to reopen roads and main thoroughfares closed by anti-government protesters faced resistance in some areas, leading to scuffles.

In most places, protesters are withdrawing peacefully as the troops moved in. But in Beirut’s northern suburb of Zouk Mosbeh, a scuffle erupted when some demonstrators refused to move away from the main highway linking Beirut with northern Lebanon.

Lebanese soldiers remove a protester as they open the Tripoli-Beirut highway blocked earlier amid ongoing demonstrations in Zouk Mosbeh, north of the capital Beirut, on November 5, 2019.(JOSEPH EID / AFP)

Several protesters were detained by troops. One protester, an older man, fainted and was rushed away in an ambulance; the Lebanese Red Cross later said he was in stable condition.

Human rights activist Wadih al-Asmar says dozens were detained during the scuffles north of Beirut.

Anti-government protesters have been holding demonstrations since October 17, demanding an end to widespread corruption and mismanagement by the political class that has ruled the country for three decades. The protesters have paralyzed Lebanon by closing roads inside cities as well as major highways.

— AP