Likud MK files complaint against Arab lawmaker she says called terror victim a ‘murderer’

A Likud backbencher files a complaint with the Knesset Ethics Committee against an Arab lawmaker who she says called an American-Israeli terror victim a “murderer.”

“She labeled [Ari] Fuld a murderer, who executed an attacker,” MK Sharren Haskel wrote in her complaint against Joint (Arab) List MK Aida Touma-Sliman, according to Hadashot TV news.

Fuld was killed last month after being stabbed by a Palestinian teenager at a key West Bank junction. After being stabbed, Fuld chased after his attacker and fired his pistol at him, preventing the teen from injuring anyone else.

During a Knesset Committee for the Advancement of Women hearing Wednesday on recent reforms to ease gun restrictions for Israeli citizens, Haskel praised Fuld’s actions, to which Touma-Sliman responded, “Do you know how many settlers’ lives would be saved if they left” the West Bank.

Haskel compared Touma-Sliman’s remarks to telling a woman, “Don’t walk in a bikini because otherwise you’ll be raped.”

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