New Charlie Hebdo issue to ‘obviously’ feature Mohammed

The new “survivor’s issue” of satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, which is scheduled to be printed on Wednesday in a run of a million copies instead of the usual 60,000, will “obviously” contain more caricatures of Islam’s prophet Mohammed, the magazine’s attorney Richard Malka tells French radio station France Info.

“We won’t give up on anything,” says Malka. “The mood evoked by ‘Je suis Charlie’ also means the ‘right to blaspheme’,” says Malka.

The special Wednesday edition of the magazine will be sold throughout the world, after the magazine made deals with distributors outside France. Work on the next issue “is complicated” because of time management, with “burials taking place throughout the week, but it is progressing, it will be completed this evening,” Malka adds.

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