Palestinian Authority rejects Netanyahu’s post-war plan as attempt to ‘prolong the genocide’

The Palestinian Authority’s Foreign Ministry condemns Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans for post-war Gaza, saying it considers them to be “an official reoccupation of the Gaza Strip and the imposition of Israeli control over it.”

In a statement published online, the PA foreign ministry slams the document of principles presented to the security cabinet by Netanyahu last night regarding the management of Gaza after the war.

The plans include installing “local officials” unaffiliated with terrorism to administer services in the Strip instead of Hamas and indefinite freedom for the IDF to operate throughout the Strip.

Rejecting the plans, the PA foreign ministry slams them as “a plan to prolong the genocide against our people and an attempt to gain more time to implement the displacement plans.”

Additionally, the ministry says, the plans constitute “a blatant maneuver to intercept and thwart American and international efforts made to link stopping the war and releasing prisoners and hostages to resolving the conflict and embodying the Palestinian state on the ground.”

The PA foreign ministry urges the US and other Western countries to recognize Palestine as an independent state, allow it to become a UN member state and hold an international peace conference in order to “end the occupation and enable our people to exercise their right to self-determination freely and with dignity.”

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