Retired general warns of ‘potential for escalation’ in north

Brig. Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser, a former head of the research division of IDF military intelligence, says there is “potential for escalation and Israel therefore has to operate with alertness.”

According to a statement issued by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, where he is now a senior researcher, today’s operation is the first time that Hezbollah “is being humiliated by the IDF.” Therefore, Kuperwasser contends, “even though the organization is not reacting at the moment, it is important to remain alert.”

While the operation is being carried out within Israeli territory, it concerns infrastructure Hezbollah has worked on for years, Kuperwasser notes. “It shows that Hezbollah is a body that is penetrable with regard to intelligence, enabling Israel to uncover this kind of sensitive activity. Therefore, at times it is easy not to think rationally at such moments, and this is where the potential for a flareup lies.”

— Raphael Ahren