Twitter threatens permanent ban of Trump account for excusing violence

Twitter has for the first time locked Trump’s account for a 12-hour period, and is demanding he remove tweets excusing violence.

The social media platform is also threatening the president with “permanent suspension” for his role in today’s events.

A screenshot of US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account with two posts blocked by Twitter, on December 6, 2021 (screenshot)

“We have required the removal of three @realDonaldTrump Tweets that were posted earlier today for repeated and severe violations of our Civic Integrity Policy,” Twitter says. “This means that the account of @realDonaldTrump will be locked for 12 hours following the removal of these Tweets. If the Tweets are not removed, the account will remain locked.

“Future violations… will result in permanent suspension of the @realDonaldTrump account.”