UK’s Labour to investigate anti-Semitic texts

The United Kingdom’s Labour party will open an investigation after some of its members recieved anti-Semitic messages for opposing a candidate for party leadership.

Labour MP John Mann, who chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism, has received dozens of anti-Semitic emails and tweets during the past six weeks, according to the Jewish Chronicle. Mann is a vocal opponent of Jeremy Corbyn, a member of Parliament running for the leadership of the Labour party who has referred to anti-Israel terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah as “friends.”

The Chronicle reported that Mann received messages calling him “utter filth” and a “Zionist stooge.” Mann said other Labor MPs have received similar messages.

“I have very serious concerns about Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters,” Mann told the British Sunday Express, according to the Chronicle. “I’ve received some vicious anti-Semitic abuse and I’m expecting the Labour Party to take action against this.”


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