Ya’alon meets with new US military chief

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon meets with Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford in Tel Aviv as part of the latter’s official trip to Israel, which began yesterday.

The two discussed regional developments and the strengthening of defense ties between Israel and the US, according to Ynet.

“Israel is in the midst of a wave of terror led by Palestinians incited [to hate and violence]. We are acting against the threat and I believe we will win,” said Ya’alon in a statement to the press after the meeting.

Dunford said, “A foundation of [the US-Israel] relationship is the military to military relationship that we have enjoyed. And through all of the ups and downs, the military-to-military relationship has remained strong, it’s never wavered.”

“I certainly intend, in the time that I’m in this assignment, to ensure that this relationship continue to be strong,” he went on.

“I came here to hear about the regional challenges from those who know about them better than me. The challenges that we face, we face together,” he said.

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