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Making waves: Israelis surf the streets after torrential rain

‘This is an opportunity I have to take advantage of,’ says one rainy day surfer

While many Israelis were doing their best to avoid having to go outside during the recent rains which have flooded large parts of the country. some enterprising citizens saw the record breaking precipitation as a once in a lifetime chance to surf the streets.

Recent torrential downpours in northern Israel have broken a 50-year record of rainfall within a two week period, the Israel Meteorological Service (IMS) announced Thursday.

Earlier this week, two foreign students were captured paddle-boarding down a flooded Tel Aviv street in a video that made the news in Israel and around the world.

On Thursday, Channel 12 broadcast footage of a surfer riding the waves on the normally placid Lahish River. “This is an opportunity I have to take advantage of,” he explained.

Meanwhile, in Gan Yavne, one man was seen riding a surfboard behind a truck driving through the flooded streets.

However, not everything has been fun and games with many across the country having to be rescued from the rising waters, which have led to several fatalities and caused extensive damage.

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