Neo-Nazi tracked down, knocked out in Seattle
Sleepy in Seattle

Neo-Nazi tracked down, knocked out in Seattle

Man wearing swastika armband reportedly abused and harassed people before being confronted and punched unconscious

A man wearing a Nazi armband in Seattle was knocked unconscious Sunday in an incident caught on video. The man was reportedly tracked down using social media after abusing a black man on a bus.

Users on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit shared an image of the man sitting on a bus heading to downtown Seattle. The man was wearing a leather jacket with a red-and-white Nazi swastika armband. The original poster said the man was harassing a black man on the bus.

Later he shared a post that said the man was screaming in people’s faces and claimed to be armed.

The man was soon tracked down and confronted by a group of anti-fascists. In a widely shared video, one of the men is seen punching the neo-Nazi unconscious with a single blow.

As the man is knocked unconscious, someone off-screen can be heard saying, “Night night.”

The video was uploaded to YouTube but soon removed “for violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying.” However, the video remains available on Twitter.

A Facebook user called Sean Patrick Duff told Buzzfeed that he had witnessed the confrontation.

“I literally just got off a bus and was walking to a movie and saw some guy being obnoxious up the way. Which I’m used to in downtown Seattle, but then I saw the Nazi armband and realize we are dealing with a guy a little more than just obnoxious,” he said. “I had eaten over 800mg of THC and was way too high for confrontation so I just held back with two other passersby to watch what would unfold.”

The anonymous @teethnclaws user told Buzzfeed that he admired the man who decked the Nazi.

“I would say that we successfully identified, tracked and coordinated to neutralize a clear and present danger to Seattle. Whether we coordinated the actual punch or not,” he said, “I, for one, applaud the anonymous hero.”

The Seattle Police Department said in a series of tweets that the man wearing the armband refused to press charges.

“Around 4pm Sunday, SPD received reports of a man wearing a swastika armband, instigating fights at 3rd Ave / Pine,” police tweeted. “Police were on scene in 5 mins & found him on the ground. He declined to provide info about incident & left after removing his armband. No one else at the scene contacted officers to make a report about the incident.”

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