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PM takes flak over Iran jeans comment

Iranians have taken to Twitter in response to Netanyahu’s comments about freedom

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempt to reach the people of Iran directly with an interview on BBC Persian last week hit an unexpected chord Sunday as Iranians protested his implication that they were not at liberty to wear jeans.

Taking to social media, thousands of Iranians posted pictures of themselves wearing jeans and mocking Netanyahu for his comment that Iranians would need to throw off the yolk of the Islamist regime to be free to do as they pleased.

“If the people of Iran were free they could wear blue jeans, listen to Western music and have free elections,” Netanyahu said in his first-ever interview with BBC Persian last week.

Iranians hit back at Netanyahu’s comments on Twitter Sunday, posting responses and pictures of their jeans using the hashtags #jeans and #IranJeans.

In the interview, Netanyahu also warned that Iranians would never have freedom if the regime obtained nuclear weapons.

“If they get nuclear weapons this brutal regime will be immortal, like North Korea,” he said. “It will go on repressing the people of Iran, who deserve better. They are a great people.”

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