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Podcast: ‘Sababa’ author Adeena Sussman talks camp culinary arts

Bestselling cookbook writer taught how to cook with tahini and hummus beans, pomegranates and fresh dates at a summer camp

Welcome to Times Will Tell, The Times of Israel’s weekly feature podcast.

This week, we speak to culinary expert, cookbook author and chef Adeena Sussman, whose bestselling book “Sababa” took Israeli cooking and translated it for the larger, global audience.

We catch Sussman after a week of culinary arts workshops at a summer camp in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, where she brought her homemade pita, hummus and roasted cherry tomatoes, as well as fruity gazoz — a fizzy soda water drink elevated with fresh fruit and homemade syrups — chocolate-dipped dates topped with flaky salt and preserved lemons to the campers, counselors and staff members.

Sussman talks about translating her ingredients and recipes for audiences outside of Israel, an ongoing experience that keeps her cooking and teaching fresh and dynamic, particularly as she moves toward the final stages of her next cookbook, “Shabbat.”

She also speaks about the new experience of teaching kids about food and the joys of summer camp, from dining hall meals to the pleasures of local ice cream stands.

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