'They opened the gates of hell on the Palestinian people'

‘Son of Hamas’ in interview: Terrorists brought wrath of God with October 7 attack

In passionate conversation with UK TV journalist Piers Morgan, Mosab Hassan Yousef, the disowned son of Hamas co-founder, advocates for war to topple bloody regime

'Son of Hamas' Mosab Hassan Yousef during an interview with British television journalist Piers Morgan, October 26, 2023. (YouTube screenshot)
'Son of Hamas' Mosab Hassan Yousef during an interview with British television journalist Piers Morgan, October 26, 2023. (YouTube screenshot)

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the disowned eldest son of the co-founder of Hamas, told British talk show host Piers Morgan on Thursday that he was not surprised by Hamas’s brutality during the October 7 shock attack, but he was taken aback by its scale.

“Wiping out entire communities, messing with a nuclear power, the most powerful country in the region, a country with a great trauma from the past, with a memory of a Holocaust, and all the Nazis did in the past century. They opened the gates of hell on the Palestinian people,” said Yousef on the syndicated program “Piers Morgan Uncensored.”

On October 7, over 2,500 Hamas terrorists invaded Israel by land, air and sea, slaughtering 1,400 people, a majority of them civilians, and abducting 230 people including 30 children. The youngest is nine months old. Entire families were wiped out in their homes, and over 260 were massacred at an outdoor music festival.

“Since its establishment, Hamas has one goal in mind, which is annihilating the State of Israel,” said Yousef. “It’s not a secret that Hamas wants to destroy the State of Israel. They cannot accept Israel or accept Israel’s right to exist.”

Yousef is the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef. He was dubbed “Green Prince” (also the title of a 2014 documentary based on his autobiography) for his efforts to help the Shin Bet thwart terror attacks during the Second Intifada in the early 2000s. The 45-year-old was born in Ramallah and vividly remembers the foundation of Hamas in 1986, he said.

To interviewer Morgan, Yousef described being imprisoned by Israel for over two years and witnessing Hamas torturing its own members in prison.

“They killed, actually, and tortured hundreds of prisoners. And this is when I start asking myself the question, what if Hamas becomes the ruler at some point? What will they do to our people? And many years later, Hamas became the ruler of Gaza. And I wasn’t surprised by their brutality,” he said.

Mosab Hassan Yousef addresses an AFMDA event in Florida, December 2018 (Courtesy)

He predicted that once Israel removes Hamas from power in the Gaza Strip, as it has vowed to do following the October 7 terror onslaught, Palestinian residents would celebrate and thank Israel for ending their oppression and “lust for power.”

“We have to separate between what is the so-called Palestinian cause and Hamas cause. Hamas’s cause is a sick one. It’s coming from the pit of hell, and they need to be removed from power. This is my message as an ex-Hamas member, as a son of one of Hamas founders, enough of this. If we don’t stop them now, the next war is going to be deadlier, and only God knows what will happen next,” he said.

Removing Hamas from power can only happen through battle, he asserted.

“Unfortunately, now Hamas left Israel, and the free world as well, with no choice but to fight them and put an end to their violence. Many civilians are dying. I understand this. Their blood is on the hands of Hamas and Hamas only,” he said.

Morgan pushed Yousef on the widely held misconception that Israel is to blame for the Hamas massacre due to Israel’s occupation of much of the West Bank and for making the Gaza Strip a “prison camp for Gazans.”

Palestinians walk by buildings destroyed in the Israeli bombardment on al-Zahra, on the outskirts of Gaza City, October 20, 2023. (Ali Mahmoud/AP)

“Look, since my childhood, I am hearing the stories from pro-Palestine [activists] and from those who are using what’s so-called the Palestinian cause: They care the least for the Palestinian children and their future.

“I am the legitimate representative of the Palestinian children. The child within me speaks: I don’t want somebody coming from London or somebody coming from the other side of the world to tell me what is the struggle of the Palestinian children. The Palestinian society has been hijacked by criminals and anybody who takes their side is participating in their crime,” he said.

He railed against Hamas for using human shields and for preventing the evacuation of civilians by putting up roadblocks after Israel instructed the civilian population in northern Gaza to evacuate to the south.

“We have a fundamental problem and we need to stop blaming Israel. We invited this upon our heads and the rest of the world, if they don’t know the reality on the ground, it’s better that they shut up,” he said.

“[That’s] enough involvement from people who don’t care. They are just warriors on keyboards and they’re just storming world capitals saying, ‘Free Palestine, free Palestine.’ They don’t know what the hell Palestine is. I am Palestine, and I say it’s ‘Enough of Hamas.’ It’s enough of the corrupt leadership that is killing our people,” he said.

Morgan asked whether it was even possible to overthrow the Hamas leadership. Yousef responded that there was no longer any choice.

“Listen to this: We are going to remove Hamas from power. Remember my words, okay? And Hamas did not only bring the wrath of Israel over Gaza, Hamas brought the wrath of God. We are going to remove them from power and we are going to prosecute their leaders. And we are going to bring them to justice, and the world will witness their punishment.

“And everyone who takes their side today, in this state of confusion, thinking that this is a joke, I tell those people that you are going to regret taking the side of Hamas. You are going to regret taking the side of those criminals who are killing the Palestinian people,” he said.

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