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Israeli innovation leads the way with Covid-19 related technology solutions

It is Israeli tech companies’ unique ability to adapt to any situation in record time that has the world’s eyes focused on this tiny nation

Investination’s CEO Oded Eliashiv
Investination’s CEO Oded Eliashiv

Israel has truly earned its title of the “Start Up Nation”. The Israeli innovation ecosystem has given birth to a unique environment, within which the Israeli entrepreneur flourishes and thrives.

In 2019, Israeli high tech exits were worth a staggering total of $21.7 billion and high tech exports from Israel were worth $46 billion – that’s in one year alone.

Mobileye – acquired by Intel in 2017 for $15.3 billion. Soda Stream – acquired by PepsiCo in 2018 for $3.2 billion. Wix – IPO in 2013 and with a current market cap over $13 billion. And this is just the tip of a very large iceberg.

Israeli startups are addressing pressing worldwide problems in fields as diverse as medical, Proptech and Contech engineering, Agritech, Foodtech and Fintech, with new solutions cropping up every day.

“Eighty Israeli companies have been launched in 2020 alone to work on solutions to COVID-19-related issues,” explains Investination’s CEO Oded Eliashiv. “That’s the largest cluster of COVID-19-relevant companies from any one country in the world. It is the agility and ability of the tech entrepreneurs in Israel to pivot, to adjust and to be able to address a problem such as the pandemic in zero time, swiftly capitalizing on the opportunities in hand.”

There is no doubt that COVID-19 is a gamechanger in terms of its impact on governments, the economy and society, and this has a lot to do with the equalizing factor of the global pandemic – it affects all people, everywhere, in the same way. The Israeli high-tech sector is faced with a unique call to action to diversify its workforce and generate digital solutions to address the basic needs of populations that need them most. “It is Israeli tech companies’ unique ability to adapt to any situation in record time that has earned the world’s focus during this challenging time,” explains Eliashiv.

We chose three of today’s young tech companies that we believe are set to stand out and provide the world with technological solutions beyond COVID-19.

ENERJOY: Keep your sales team highly motivated and engaged even from home is more challenging then ever.

Enerjoy is a smart AI sales incentives platform (SAAS) that helps raise the performance of sales or customer service teams by impressive percentages (13-32%), improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover rates. The platform works equally as well for remote and in-office teams. Enerjoy’s technology focuses on identifying each employee’s unique motivational styles and creating incentive programs tailored to each employee.

The COVID-19 crisis has triggered an irreversible change in the way companies manage their staff. Over 50% of companies have already switched at least part of their workforce to a work from home (WFH) model and many intend to keep it that way permanently. To support this shift in working styles, cloud services, and SaaS solutions that enable the physical and operational aspects of WFH are booming, but this only caters to one part of the picture.

“CEO’s are challenged more than ever with how to motivate sales teams and keep them focused. Enerjoy is the perfect example of an existing tech company that instantaneously realized the need to adapt to a changing market and have come out shining,” explains Eliashiv.

SOLID BLOCK: Turning Real Estate into Digital Securities

SolidBlock is a cutting-edge property-backed securities trading platform. The company’s vision is to make real estate work for everyone. SolidBlock helps property owners create fully compliant digital financial products, raise capital efficiently, and offer their investors an option to invest or liquidate at any time.

SolidBlock is famous for issuing the first-ever successful commercial property digital offering: the St. Regis Resort in Aspen, Colorado which raised $18M in 2018.

SolidBlock makes property work for everyone, creating tradable digital assets backed by real estate that grant investors rights to revenue, dividends, or interest and allow them to benefit from the growth of their property as well as trade their assets at any time.

The disruption caused by Covid-19 reveals a need for a tokenization platform such as SolidBlock: SolidBlock enables investors to build a personal portfolio by choosing each investment, as well as to diversify and de-risk via lower minimum investment amounts. SolidBlock also improves the efficiency of fund raising by making real estate as liquid and tradable as stocks and by saving intermediaries costs. These practices become ever more important in current tumultuous times.

The SolidBlock Blockchain Platform

TRUSSTOR: Command & Control solution for the construction industry

Trusstor is a next-generation on-site command and control system powered by real-time location and site condition sensors, creating a safer and more productive working environment for the construction industry. By developing data collecting abilities enabling quality data gathering and utilization – also referred to as “Construction Intelligence”. The system conveys data, insights, alerts, and resource locations using a clear user interface. Executing a key principal of simple solution for complex problems.

The Trusstor COVID Check Dashboard

Trusstor is committed to protecting the health and safety of construction workers, site personnel, and working environment during these troubling times. Trusstor developed features and specific abilities to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling social distancing monitoring
and epidemiological inquiry.

According to the Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2020, industry leaders feel that the COVID-19 pandemic could help to fast-track digitization and stimulate innovation in the use of technology. Certainly, the pandemic has highlighted the need for accurate, real-time tracking of activity on construction sites.

Despite Covid-19 posing many challenges for the global economy, 2021 is anticipated to be a record breaking year for Israeli innovation and we anticipate seeing more of the world’s leading corporations integrating Israeli technology on a massive scale.

This article was written by Investination, a member of the Besadno Group, which invests in early stage innovation and start ups. For investment opportunities for accredited investors, or to learn more about the Investination platform, click here.

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