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Open Day at Tel Aviv University International

Discover Tel Aviv University’s dozens of programs taught in English. Learn more at TAUi’s Open Day, June 1-2.

How often do political leaders invite university students to join them in their presentations to foreign governments?

When European Parliament President Roberta Metsola visited Israel, she spent an hour speaking to a group of students at Tel Aviv University International.

Not so unusual.

Then, on the spot, Metsola invited the group to join her in the presentation she was giving for the Knesset that afternoon.

Unusual? Surprising? Not for students at TAU International.

Where Ideas Become Action

Tel Aviv University is the perfect academic reflection of Tel Aviv: the nonstop city where ideas turn into actions and values turn into accomplishments at breakneck pace. TAU ranks #1 among Israeli universities for research output. It’s #8 among the top 10 schools worldwide in producing venture capital-backed founders.

At TAU, the border between “on campus” and “off campus” is often blurred. Environmental studies come to life on the Tel Aviv beaches. Documentary cinema students present film festivals at the Tel Aviv cinematheque. Hands-on experiences in politics, business and community leadership are par for the course.

Discovery and insight occur everywhere: in every setting, in every interaction, in every experience. It’s no surprise that TAU is the #1 choice among Israeli student applicants.

Tel Aviv University International makes this broad, diverse and intense learning experience available to students from around the world. With over 60 programs run totally in English, TAUi is the perfect environment for curious and motivated individuals looking to grow academically, socially, and personally.

From a Semester Abroad to Postdoctoral Programs

TAUi’s 60+ challenging English programs span every academic level. Want to study for a semester, living in a diverse student environment while you dip into the rich heritage of Israel (not to mention dipping into the amazing beaches of Tel Aviv)? Or are you interested in a full Bachelor’s degree program that gives you dual degrees from TAU and Columbia University (at an almost-unheard-of tuition rate)? Or maybe you’re a law professional that wants to earn an LL.M focusing on international human rights?

Tel Aviv University International has challenging, multidisciplinary programs that fit the bill for each one of these – and much, much more.

Every program is staffed by TAU’s world-renowned faculty. In addition to being the Israeli university with the highest research output, TAU also ranks #19 in the world for faculty citation impact. TAU faculty are constantly, actively engaged in the pursuit of knowledge. They stay on the cutting-edge of their fields, supplying students hands-on examples of the drive for excellence.

No matter what your field of study, the incredibly diverse city of Tel Aviv is almost certain to contain engaging professional opportunities: research laboratories, fine art galleries, international law firms and startups can all be found within walking distance of each other.

Let’s take a peek at some TAUi programs you won’t find equals to anywhere else.

Come as an Undergraduate

The business world today isn’t what it used to be. The combined forces of globalization, digitalization and social consciousness (not to mention disruptive forces like pandemics) require business leaders and managers to have a much broader array of ideas, perspectives and strategies in order to succeed.

This need is the motivation behind TAUi’s International BA in Management & Liberal Arts. A collaboration that brings together the rich academic experience offered by TAU’s long-established English-language Liberal Arts program and TAU’s Coller School of Management, this degree program offers the academic background that will prepare students for a lifetime of multifaceted accomplishment. Participants gain foundational skills in critical thinking, writing and analysis, a sound knowledge base in management science and practice, and specialized training in entrepreneurship and innovation. This is the key to personal and professional growth at its best.

Another undergraduate degree collaboration designed to open doors for students is the Columbia University – Tel Aviv University Dual Degree Program. This dynamic program spans two continents and two cosmopolitan cities, giving participants broadness and diversity of experience with an unmatched quality of liberal arts education. Four years of academic and personal achievement culminate in undergraduate degrees from two world-renowned universities.

Grow in a Graduate Program

For students finished with their undergraduate studies and looking for new levels of personal and professional development, TAUi’s graduate programs provide an unbeatable experience.

Resilience is key to surviving and thriving in a disruptive world. The Master in Disaster Management offers a multidisciplinary program designed for forward-thinking future leaders. Develop new, innovative and critical ways of thinking when defining intervention plans for emergency and disaster situations. Learn about Disaster Management, Emergency Medicine, Public Health, Humanitarian Aid, Crisis Communication, Crisis Management, Cybersecurity, CBRNE and more. The solid theoretical knowledge is just the beginning; as a World Health Organization (WHO) collaborating center, this unique hands-on program gets practical on how to put plans into action.

TAUi’s MSc in Plant Sciences with Emphasis in Food Security is an innovative interdisciplinary program that opens doors to a future PhD and research or academic career or, alternatively, to a career path incorporating sustainability and agriculture in the corporate, governmental or NGO worlds. Plant molecular genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, ecology and bioinformatics are all on the academic menu in this graduate program.

The human brain has been described as the last great frontier. TAUi’s MSc in Neuroscience will prepare future medical researchers with the knowledge they need to move forward as pioneers. The courses are (almost) as diverse as the human neurological system, spanning eight different TAU faculties and a huge range of topics. TAU is recognized as a world leader in the study of brain science and neurodegenerative disease, with more drug candidates in the pipeline for Alzheimer’s disease than any other university in the world – all neuroscience research conducted in over 150 labs on campus that program students have access to.

Studying for an MA in Environmental Studies at one of the greenest buildings in Israel? That’s the way it should be, right? Living and learning the many challenging issues plaguing our planets – and their potential resolutions – is an immersion experience that culminates in an advanced degree. Local environmentally-related field trips, a research seminar and a unique professional internship that focuses on environmental advocacy and environmental planning are all part of this graduate program for future environmental leaders.

Where could you find a more relevant place to master new, groundbreaking solutions to age-old conflicts than the heart of the Middle East? TAUi’s MA in Conflict Resolution & Mediation will provide all the tools you’ll ever need for effective analysis, mediation and negotiation and international conflict resolution, taught by leading experts with first-hand knowledge and experience in deep-rooted conflicts. Graduates of this program currently hold positions in government, intergovernmental organizations, policy centers, human rights organizations and the corporate world as well.

(Student) Life Goes On

All work and no play makes students burnt out and lonely. Student community life is important at any university. When the student body is far from home and family, it takes on extra importance. And when the student population is far from their home country and culture, well… its importance is difficult to overstate!

TAUi gives its international student population a place to call home and feel at home. Dedicated student life support teams are there solely for the purpose of making the TAU student experience as smooth and as seamless as possible. If a student has any question, issue, or just needs a listening ear – the student life team provides a clear and welcoming round-the-clock address.

One issue the student life teams never hear about, however, is boredom. There are simply too many possibilities. On-campus community and cultural opportunities include a wide range of student clubs, activities, sports centers, museums and lectures. And if you can’t find the exact activity you’re in the mood for on campus, there’s the “extended campus” of Tel Aviv only a walk, light rail or bus ride away.

Get a Taste of TAUi

Have a hunch that TAUi might provide exactly the intellectual, cultural and practical experience you’re looking for? Come test it out by joining us at TAUi’s Virtual Open Day on June 1st and 2nd.

The TAUi Virtual Open Day spans two days and nearly 25 different sessions on individual undergraduate and graduate programs. Participants in any session can speak with the program coordinator, program head and/or current students to hear about the program and get a feel for the program experience.

Each day also offers a general TAUi program overview, so register for the Overview of TAU International on June 1st or for the Overview of TAU International on June 2nd.

Don’t let your hunch stay a hunch. Turn that hunch into a test. Turn your idea into action. Turn your theory into an accomplishment. After all, that’s what the Tel Aviv University International experience is all about.

Register for TAUi’s Virtual Open Day

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