Website matches US business students to Israeli jobs

American MBA candidates seeking summer internships in the start-up nation have a new online resource

Israeli entrepreneurs work on a new start-up project in Tel Aviv (Photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)
Israeli entrepreneurs work on a new start-up project in Tel Aviv (Photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

MBA students who want to work in Israel on an internship now have an online resource that will help them make the right match. InsideIL is a new website and nonprofit organization with an online matching platform that helps students find internships at Israeli companies across a variety of industries including biotechnology, cyber security, venture capital, and e-commerce.

For both MBA students from the US and Israeli tech firms, InsideIL helps smooth the process of finding the right students for the right positions. InsideIL, said founders Sara Greenberg and Della Heiman, works with companies in Israel to identify and structure summer internships that will be beneficial for both the company and the intern. Most of the internships offer salaries, and for those that pay less than comparable internships in the US, the organization arranges for government grants for living expenses, flights, and incidentals.

InsideIL only does the introductions; it is not involved in the placement process, which is up to the company. Nevertheless, InsideIL, after just one internship “season,” has achieved an excellent reputation among Israeli companies.

Prescott Watson, Director of Special Projects at the equity-based crowdfunding platform OurCrowd, one of InsideIL’s first host companies, said, “InsideIL is a fantastic source for Israeli companies to find top-tier B-school students. Their team has been easy to work with and – most importantly – the interns have been among the most driven and capable we’ve had the pleasure to work with.”

After a successful pilot summer last year that focused mostly on helping Harvard Business School students finds internships in Israel, InsideIL last week announced a slew of new internship opportunities, and will seek to market them to students at the top ten business schools around the country. Companies seeking MBA interns this summer include Shaldor, Israel’s leading consulting firm, UPnRide Robotics, a company developing innovative devices to help people with limb disabilities, and OurCrowd, the world’s largest equity-based crowd funding platform based in Jerusalem, among others.

“Israel has the highest density of start-ups in the world, and Tel Aviv now ranks second to Silicon Valley in the International Start-up Ecosystem Index,” said the founders. “MBAs in the US itching to experience the Start Up Nation need not look further. InsideIL is perfectly positioned to help forward-thinking MBAs find opportunities to learn from and contribute to many of these groundbreaking Israeli companies.”

InsideIL was founded “on the belief that international MBA students can bring great value to Israeli companies through their knowledge of and experience in target markets,” they said. “On the flip side, Israeli companies are eager to tap into this talent pool. The platform will strengthen the connection between top business schools and the business ecosystem in Israel, facilitating relationships that can lead to the foundation of new ventures, partnerships, and investments in Israel.”

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