US website offers yellow star patches for ‘persecuted’ gun owners

Site’s administrators explain ‘similarities of current legislative attitude and the systematic persecution this star represents are uncanny’

A yellow star patch with the words 'Gun Owner' for sale on gun enthusiast site (screenshot)
A yellow star patch with the words 'Gun Owner' for sale on gun enthusiast site (screenshot)

A US website for gun enthusiasts is selling Holocaust-style Star of David patches to its clientele, encouraging them to wear them to highlight their perceived persecution by liberals.

The website “Tactical Shit” is offering a yellow star badge with the words “Gun Owner” emblazoned upon it, replacing “Jew.”

The website explains: “We do not invoke this historical symbol lightly. The similarities of the current attitude of the legislative environment and the systematic persecution that this star represents are uncanny. There’s no difference.”

It goes on to claim the product “is a strong reminder of how quickly an unarmed society can be toppled by a dictatorship. How have we reached this point? How has the persecution of a single group of people become so socially acceptable? Well, to us, it’s not. It’s time to remind these people of history. Line in the sand: drawn.”

A final addendum notes that “this patch will fray nicely at the edges with usage (intentionally).”

A second red, white and blue star patch carries the word “Republican.” A tagline asks the buyer: “Feeling persecuted?”

The website describes itself as “a community of operators, law enforcement oathkeepers, civilian patriots and shooting enthusiasts.”

It advises its patrons “When the shit hits the fan, have the right shit,” and claims to have “throat punch customer service” among its highlights.

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