Zachary Levi to star in new DC Comics film ‘Shazam!’
Name recognition

Zachary Levi to star in new DC Comics film ‘Shazam!’

The non-Jewish actor, who has been typecast by his Jewish-sounding name, will take the role of a boy who can transform into adult superhero

Zachary Levi (Screen capture: YouTube)
Zachary Levi (Screen capture: YouTube)

Zachary Levi, the actor best known for his role in the popular TV show “Chuck,” will star in the DC comic book adaptation “Shazam!”

It’s another staring slot for the actor, who has said in the past that he has been denied roles because of his Jewish-sounding name.

The comic book is about a boy named Billy Batson, who can transform into an adult superhero by saying the magic word “Shazam!” The film, directed by David F. Sandberg, is set to be released in 2019.

Levi, who is Welsh, said last year he has been denied acting parts for being “too Jewish,” even though he is not Jewish.

“I heard multiples times that I was too Jewish,” he told the New York Daily News, “which is surprising to people because I go by Zachary Levi. Levi is my middle name. Pugh is my real last name. I’m Welsh.”

“I guess they were looking for more of a corn-fed, white boy look,” he said. “My family is from fucking Indiana! Come on, I’m like dying here!”

Levi also stars in the upcoming superhero film “Thor: Ragnarok,” which will debut in theaters next week.


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