The owner of a cat in Britain claimed her pet suffered a severe beating that led to it being blind in one eye, because the feline bore a resemblance to Hitler.

Kirsty Sparrow of Tredworth, Gloucestershire, said she became worried after her seven-year-old cat, Baz, had gone missing for several days last week. The pet was found by a neighbor Thursday in a trash bin, badly bruised and cut, the Daily Mail reported.

Sparrow rushed Baz to a nearby vet, who surgically removed the cat’s left eye as it had been severely damaged. The pet’s owner said she believed Baz was attacked due to its distinctive physical features, reminiscent to those of the notorious Nazi dictator.

Baz has a mustache-like black patch of hair beneath its nose, as well as a jet-black wad of hair on the top of its head.

“A lot of people say he looks like Hitler, but he is so timid and gentle,” said Sparrow after the attack, according to Yahoo news.

“I couldn’t believe the state of him. His eye was all swollen, it was like a marble. They said he was unlikely to have been hit by a car as there were no other injuries, and that he was probably kicked.”

Sparrow said she would take Baz, who also suffered from bruises beneath his ribs, back to the vet on Sunday to remove his stitches.

“I was crying my eyes out at the vet’s,” Sparrow said.

Gloucestershire police launched an investigation into the attack.