An IDF official twitter account began “live tweeting” events from the Six Day War on Wednesday, the 46th anniversary of the outbreak of what would ultimately prove to be one of the shortest wars in history during which Israel defeated the armies of Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

“What if the IDF had Twitter during the Six Day War? In the coming days you will find out the answer. Follow us and relive history,”  the specifically assigned @IDF1967 account tweeted to users on Sunday.

“There is media and there is Twitter. Starting tomorrow, 46 years since the beginning of the Six Day War, we’ll reproduce the great war here — minute by minute,” said another tweet on Monday. The message came with a graphic: a black-and-white photograph of an IDF soldier holding a pile of newspapers.

On Wednesday, the account began to release a series of tweets mimicking real-time updates from the battlefield, as if the events were occurring in the present.

“A short while ago, we heavily bombarded Syrian batteries that earlier this evening fired some shells at Rosh Pina,” read one tweet, recounting a factual incident from the first day of war.

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Another tweet quoted from a Haim Hefer song that was used to boost the soldiers’ moral before the outbreak of the war. The song describes Egypt’s then-president and pan-Arabist par excellence Gamal Abdel Nasser “waiting” for Yitzhak Rabin, then Israel’s chief of staff. Fittingly, the attached picture depicts Rabin in his element, sipping a soda hours before the war broke out.

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Reconstructed wars are not a new trend on Twitter. In 2011, over two hundred and eighty thousand followers have tuned in to tweets from the @RealTimeWWII account, which was started about two years ago and today updates “from the front” as if it were 1941.