Superman insignia or not, a standard pair of underwear can do little to protect one’s nether regions from a bomb attack.

A new product on display at a defense conference in Abu Dhabi this week, though, aims to change that by bringing man-of-steel style protection to the family jewels.

The reinforced and tight-fitting briefs, meant to protect the wearer’s genitals during IED (improvised explosive devices) attacks and prevent physical and mental injury, have been in use by several armies in Afghanistan for some time, according to World News Australia.

The clothing is being marketed at the convention towards diplomats and military personnel who wish to offer themselves a bit of extra protection.

The underwear is made from flexible Polyethylene and was developed by Dutch company Blucher, according to an al-Arabiya report. The clothing was created with the significance of IED injury in mind.

“IEDs tend to come from the ground up,”  Blucher’s Hans-Jorg Wickert told the channel, “so you need protection in the groin.”

The International Defense Exhibition and Conference, which ended Thursday, is the only one of its kind in the Arab world, according to al-Arabiya