Iran is in the process of testing a new series of short-range ballistic missiles, a top military commander said Sunday.

“A series of new missiles have been designed to be built by the Army’s Ground Force,” Brig. Gen. Ahmad Reza Pourdastan told Fars News Agency.

“The laboratory production of these missiles has started and one or two samples have been test-fired,” he said.

Pourdastan said that the new missiles will possess a higher range and quality compared to the Iranian made Naze’at-10, and will be revealed after testing as a new class of Iranian missiles.

The Naze’at 10-H is capable of hitting targets as far as 130 kilometers (80 miles) and can be launched from mobile vehicles and platforms. However, it lacks a guidance system.

Iran’s Ground Force is building the new series of missiles in cooperation with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps’s Aerospace Force.

Iran has invested heavily in its defense sector in recent years, attaining a higher level of self-sufficiency in producing military equipment and operating systems.