Israeli screenwriter Shira Geffen, whose freshman effort, “Jellyfish,” earned her a Camera D’Or award at Cannes and international acclaim, has signed a sales deal with the UK’s WestEnd films for her second movie, “Self Made,” according to Screen Daily.

Geffen, whose husband Etgar Keret directed her first feature, is serving as both writer and director on “Self Made,” which has already wrapped filming and will, according to reports, premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

The film offers a Middle Eastern twist on the classic story of switched identities: two women, one Palestinian and one Israeli, find themselves shuffled at an Israeli checkpoint and begin to live alternate lives across opposite borders.

MoviePlus and United King are producing the film. Sarah Adler, the star of “Jellyfish,” will return in “Self Made,” alongside Israeli-Arab actress Samira Saraya.