Yair Lapid never smoked marijuana cigarettes, instead preferring to hit the bong, a former friend of the finance minister and Yesh Atid party leader said Monday.

“As a childhood friend of his I can attest — he never smoked joints, in his life,” Actress Dafna Rechter told Israel’s Cannabis magazine. “Only bongs.”

Rechter joins several others who have claimed that, despite Lapid’s protestations to the contrary, the talk show host turned politician partook of the weed in his early years.

“I don’t remember if he smoked or lot or smoked a little,” Rechter told Channel 10 in an interview broadcast Monday night, cigarette in hand. “As far as I recall, during a certain period he wasn’t so opposed to it.”

In early 2013, in an interview with Yedioth Ahronoth, Lapid denied ever having used drugs. In short order, accounts surfaced from several people who claimed to have smoked marijuana with Lapid.

“I received testimonies of people who smoked marijuana with Yair Lapid — much more than just once,” reporter Uri Misgav wrote in Haaretz at the time.

Lapid’s spokesperson, Nili Reichman, refused to respond to Rechter’s statements.