Veteran singer-songwriter Shlomo Artzi is reportedly mulling a lawsuit against the Jewish Home Party for unauthorized use of his lyrics during October’s municipal elections.

In its campaign, the Jewish Home used the words “Yesterday was good, and tomorrow will be too” from the 1992 hit “Yare’ah” (Moon) without first consulting Artzi.

The singer has sent a letter of complaint to the Jewish Home, and last week, a representative of the artist contacted the party in order to initiate discussions on an out-of-court settlement for the use of the lyrics, according to the weekend paper that first broke the story, the religious Zionist-affiliated journal Shvi’i.

The artist has not filed a formal complaint initiating legal proceedings, but is reportedly considering doing so if the negotiations do not bear fruit.

A Jewish Home representative said “the issue is being discussed between the two sides.”

The Jewish Home did not fare particularly well in the last elections, dropping from three seats to one on the Jerusalem city council, for example.