An offer Adelson will likely refuse
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An offer Adelson will likely refuse

Comedienne Sarah Silverman offers to pleasure the Republican casino magnate in exchange for a $100 million donation to Obama

Sarah Silverman (photo credit: YouTube screen capture)
Sarah Silverman (photo credit: YouTube screen capture)

Sheldon Adelson is not a lesbian, but he might want to consider becoming one.

“Jewess” comedienne Sarah Silverman published a (NSFW) video Monday on propositioning the billionaire casino tycoon and fellow member of the tribe.

In exchange for a $100 million donation to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, instead of GOP hopeful Mitt Romney, Silverman offered to don a bikini and have traditional lesbian intercourse with Adelson, 78. (We’ll leave exactly what she means up to your imagination, or you can watch Silverman try to demonstrate on her dog in the video.)

Adelson, a staunch Republican supporter and Israel advocate, has pumped tens of millions of dollars into efforts to elect conservatives, including $5 million donated Monday to a fund devoted to electing Republicans to Congress.

The video is not Silverman’s first foray into politics. The shock comedienne, who performed in Israel last year (and whose sister is a rabbi), appeared in the 2008 Great Schlep campaign, which called on young Jews to talk to their bubbes and zaydes in Florida about voting Obama.

Both videos were funded by the Jewish Council for Education and Research, a pro-Obama Super PAC backed by the wallet of Alexander Soros, son of George Soros.

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