Bullets fired from Syria hit an IDF post in the Golan Heights, as that country’s civil war spilled into Israel once again on Monday. The army believes the bullets were strays, and not aimed at the Israeli soldiers.

The incident took place at Tel Hazeka, scene of several such incidents in recent days. It was not clear whether the errant gunfire came from Syrian government or rebel forces.

The IDF did not fire back at the source of the shots.

Late Saturday night an IDF patrol returned fire at the Syrians after being shot at, reportedly killing three Syrians, and earlier in the month mortar shells hit the post and caused the IDF to fire at Syrian army positions across the border, injuring two Syrians.

Israel has complained to the United Nations several times about the Syrian conflict seeping over the border into Israel.

Turkey and Jordan have suffered fatalities from Syrian mortars straying over the border, though Israelis have escaped with only light injuries.

Earlier this month, three mortars landed around the Israeli town of Alonei Bashan in the Golan Heights. Two exploded in open areas outside the town, and one landed near a house but did not blow up.