Haifa nurse indicted for pedophilia, photographing naked patients

Oren Hananaiev accused of sending sexually explicit images of minors to a second hospital worker, who has also been arrested

Illustrative: A man suspected of sexual abuse at a court hearing in Jerusalem. (Kobi Gideon/Flash90)
Illustrative: A man suspected of sexual abuse at a court hearing in Jerusalem. (Kobi Gideon/Flash90)

Prosecutors filed charges Thursday against a nurse from northern Israel suspected of taking intimate photos of patients — including a minor — and possessing pedophilic materials.

The arrest of Oren Hananaiev, 28, from Kiryat Yam, and another hospital worker in the Tel Aviv area on suspicion of pedophilia was revealed earlier this week as part of ongoing legal proceedings.

According to a statement from the State Attorney’s Office, Hananaiev photographed a female patient’s vagina after she was anesthetized before surgery in September while he was working at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.

He also allegedly photographed a naked 4-year-old boy after the latter got out of the shower.

The statement said Hananaiev was found to possess thousands of pedophilic photographs and videos, some of which he is accused of sending to Daniel Yaakov, the other suspect whose arrest was reported this week.

Prosecutors requested that Hananaiev remain in custody until the end of legal proceedings in the case.

After news of Hananaiev’s arrest broke on Tuesday, Rambam Medical Center said that the employee had filed a police document attesting that he had no criminal record or history of sexual assault.

“Rambam Medical Center did not have all the information or any existing suspicion at the time of the arrest,” the hospital said.

The State Attorney’s Office did not say Thursday whether charges would be brought against Yaakov, who was employed by Sheba Medical Center as a janitor.

Yaakov, 25, was arrested last month in his Ramat Gan home, with police seizing large amounts of pedophilic material as well as records of conversations with other pedophiles.

In Yaakov’s locker at the medical center east of Tel Aviv, police found more illicit material on a cellular device and in a notebook. According to Channel 12 news, police found “thousands” of photos and videos in Yaakov’s possession, of adults, children and toddlers.

It was conversations between Yaakov and Hananaiev, found by police, that led to the latter’s arrest. In one exchange between the pair, Hananaiev advised Yaakov regarding drugs that can be used to sedate a child and reduce the victim’s resistance.

In another conversation, the pair devise games that can be played with the children to serve as a cover for performing sexual acts on the victim.

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