Ikea Israel imports famed mailman to deliver catalog
Seinfeld, sealed & deliveredSeinfeld, sealed & delivered

Ikea Israel imports famed mailman to deliver catalog

Newman from ‘Seinfeld’ serves up his familiar maniacal laugh as he pokes fun at sabra habits

Jessica Steinberg covers the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center.

Sure signs of autumn? The start of the school year, the appearance of the tall, stately quill flower, and the delivery of the latest Ikea catalog in everyone’s mailbox.

This year, the Israeli branch of the Swedish furniture manufacturer took the eagerly awaited 2017 catalog a step further and produced a commercial starring Wayne Knight, otherwise known as the occasionally evil mail carrier Newman from “Seinfeld” who was Jerry Seinfeld’s neighbor and Kramer’s crony.

Knight speaks English in the commercial as he delivers mail on a typical Israeli street, describing the trials and tribulations of the life of a mail carrier — barking dogs, gardeners wielding leaf blowers, hipster delivery men bumping into him.

Of course, being Newman, he employs his wicked chuckle frequently, for example as he flips the electric circuit in one building in order to force a resident to accept a final notice letter — after first trying to deliver it in a pizza box.

But the day he delivers the Ikea catalogs “is like Valentine’s Day for the florist, like the day after Passover for the baker,” he says in the 1:42-minute long ad. “I feel like my life is tutim,” he adds, using the Hebrew word for strawberries, as he is fed a bunch of grapes and brushes them away irritatedly. “I said tutim!”

As he thumbs through his own copy of the catalog, he tells viewers to look up the catalog online, pronouncing it the Israeli way, Ee-kéa.

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