Iranian national caught after sneaking onto Israeli-owned ship — report

Israeli TV says the man is believed to have slipped aboard Zim vessel in Turkey, was discovered by crew after 3 days and handed over to Italian police

Illustrative: Zim shipping containers (Yaakov Naumi/Flash90)
Illustrative: Zim shipping containers (Yaakov Naumi/Flash90)

An Iranian national was caught hiding aboard a ship owned by Israeli shipping firm Zim, according to a report Saturday.

The man is believed to have snuck aboard the vessel as it was anchored in Turkey. He was discovered after three days by the crew while the ship was at sea, Channel 12 news said.

He was held by the crew for a day until the ship docked in the Italian port of Livorno, where he was handed over to local police after Zim asked Israel’s Foreign Ministry to help it coordinate with authorities in Italy, the network said.

The report didn’t give any further information about the Iranian man, but noted the incident underlined concerns that a national of an enemy state could try to harm the crew because Zim is an Israeli company.

The report came a day after the alleged head of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was assassinated outside Tehran, with Iranian officials blaming Israel for the incident and vowing revenge.

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