‘Enough’: Labor chief Golan chastises ‘messianic’ leadership at Jerusalem rally

Gianluca Pacchiani is the Arab affairs reporter for The Times of Israel

Newly elected Labor party leader Yair Golan takes the stage at a mass demonstration outside the Knesset and excoriates Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government for its policies and its management of the war against Hamas.

“We are in the harshest civilian battle since the founding of the state in 1948,” the opposition member says to a cheering crowd of thousands waving Israeli flags.

“We need to tell this government: Enough. We will return to be a democratic country. We are not mercenaries for this government and we do not finance its messianic goals,” Golan adds.

“We are conducting fierce battles in the north and in the south, and in order to win, we need to be strong at home. Fight corruption, fight the messianism. We are one people united by equality, peace and justice,” he continues, calling for the return of hostages and “refugees” to their homes — a reference to tens of thousands of displaced residents of Gaza-adjacent communities and northern towns.

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