How the election results could end up making Gantz PM, ousting Netanyahu

If the final election results end up similar to the current ones, which consist of 87.5% of the votes, nobody has a clear path to a coalition — and that could end up crowning Benny Gantz as prime minister instead of Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the coalition agreement signed by Netanyahu and Gantz last year — which was anchored in Israel’s Basic Laws and hasn’t been nullified — Gantz is set to become premier on November 17, 2021.

This means that if no new government is sworn in by that date, Gantz will replace Netanyahu as interim prime minister even though their partnership has fallen apart long ago.

This gives an extra incentive to Netanyahu to compromise and form a government — or alternatively, to speed up the process of calling an additional election in the summer, hoping the new vote’s results will be more favorable to him.