Knesset speaker, Blue and White squabble over forming panel to weigh PM immunity

A Knesset’s Arrangements Committee meeting set for tomorrow on forming the parliamentary body that would deal with a potential request by Prime Minister Netanyahu is canceled, as Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein says he must first consult with the Knesset’s legal adviser.

A statement from Edelstein’s office says he will meet next with Eyal Yinon, the Knesset legal adviser, and only afterwards decide whether to allow the arrangements committee to convene.

The Blue and White party wants the committee, a temporary panel that is formed after elections and handles parliamentary matters until a new government is formed, to approve the formation of a Knesset House Committee, which would consider an immunity request.

“Edelstein’s response is a shameful attempt to prevent the Knesset from deliberating Netanyahu’s immunity request,” Blue and White says in a statement.

Netanyahu has not yet announced whether he’ll request parliamentary immunity from corruption charges, but is widely expected to do so. Such a request could delay his legal proceedings for months.

He has until midnight to submit a request to the Knesset.

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