Lapid: Future leaders may not be able to undo ‘collapse’ of relations with US, which could have been avoided

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid says that an ongoing “collapse” in relations with the United States leaves a question if it can even be fully repaired by future governments.

Speaking to Channel 12’s Meet the Press, he says the rift could have been prevented, and notes that some of Israel’s fiercest allies have even joined in the criticism, such as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who spoke out against Israel’s conduct in the war and called for early elections. Former House speaker Nancy Pelosi also joined the call among Democrats to halt arms sales to Israel.

Lapid says that arguments with the US should be held in “closed-door” conversations. “In front of cameras, don’t have these arguments,” he says.

US officials have become increasingly outspoken about their frustration with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s handling of the ongoing war, criticizing the mounting civilian death toll, the spiraling humanitarian crisis in the Strip, and a lack of “day after” the war plan.

In turn, Netanyahu and some ministers have aired their disputes with the US through media outlets.

Lapid stresses that a deal is possible to return hostages held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza, but that Netanyahu has delayed it over political considerations, and that “the government isn’t handling anything,” accusing it of failing to deal with issues facing the country.

He says that Netanyahu “fears” that his government would collapse if he signs a deal.

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