Lapid hits back at Netanyahu criticism: ‘That’s how criminals talk’

Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid hits back at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying the criticism of his testimony to police in the corruption cases against the prime minister sounds like that of a criminal.

“I heard the prime minister and the group surrounding him, including ministers and the coalition chairman, who dared suggest there is alternative; that there is an option to withhold the truth when police ask you to help them uncover what really happened in a serious corruption investigation,” Lapid says in a statement. “That’s how criminals talk, not public servants.”

“So I want to say to them: Don’t threaten us. We cannot be intimidated. We will not let you make this a country where honest people are scared of speaking the truth.”

Lapid goes on to urge Netanyahu to exhibit “national responsibility” and step down.

“You cannot be prime minister, foreign minister and health minister while you spend most of your time with your lawyers or responding to the press,” he says.

“You cannot represent us in the world, when every foreign leader knows that you stand accused of serious offenses. For the good of the citizens of Israel, the prime minister needs to vacate his post,” Lapid adds.

He also calls on the attorney general to expedite his decision regarding Netanyahu’s indictment.

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