Likud: Lapid is playing politics while Israel is under threat

Responding to opposition leader Yair Lapid’s accusations that the government is sowing dangerous chaos, the Likud party charges that he is the one endangering Israel by refusing to telegraph a message of unity.

“While Israel is fighting on three fronts… Yair Lapid chose to engage in small-minded politics rather than broadcasting a message of unequivocal unity to our enemies,” the statement reads.

The party accuses Lapid of causing “critical harm” by agreeing to a deal with Lebanon delineating maritime borders and claims he is widely quoted in Iran as someone forecasting Israel’s downfall.

“At a time when [Hezbollah head Hassan] Nasrallah and [Hamas head Ismail] Haniyeh are sitting together under a picture of the Iranian patron who calls for our annihilation, I would expect more national responsibility from the opposition leader,” says Likud.

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