Likud MK compares Bennett, Sa’ar to ‘suicide bombers’

Amid growing incitement against lawmakers in the would-be new coalition, Likud MK May Golan calls the right-wing leaders of the so-called change bloc “suicide bombers.”

Golan used the phrase repeatedly during an interview with the Knesset Channel, doubling down on her assertion as the two anchors urged her to retract it, while qualifying the statement by saying there was still a “world of difference” between the two politicians and jihadist terrorists.

“The most dangerous thing in public leaders is people who have no place to go back to, and Naftali Bennett and Gideon Sa’ar have no place to go back to,” Golan says, in reference to the perception that the heads of Yamina and New Hope have plummeted in popularity since allying with the center-left to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from power.

Likud MK May Golan on the Knesset Channel, June 6, 2021. (video screenshot)

She says that “while there is a world of difference (in Hebrew, literally, “while differentiating a thousand thousand differences”), I would compare them to suicide bombers.”

Asked by the anchor if she were not going too far, Golan answered “No, and I’ll tell you why… They’re like terrorists who don’t believe in anything anymore, who go out on their suicide mission, and even if they know it’s their death sentence, they don’t care because they’re Shiites.”

In mentioning the death sentence, Golan was apparently referring to a political death sentence, but did not clarify the matter.

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