Likud, National Unity spar over overhaul talks

Carrie Keller-Lynn is a former political and legal correspondent for The Times of Israel

The Likud party lashes out at opposition party chief Benny Gantz, releasing a statement that “Gantz continues with boycotts and again runs away from any attempt to reach agreements. Zero leadership, zero statesmanship.”

It comes after Gantz dismisses Netanyahu’s calls for direct talks as spin, saying the prime minister can’t deliver on compromise while beholden to Justice Minister Yariv Levin and far-right elements of his coalition.

Gantz’s National Party swipes back at Likud, implying that the prime minister was disingenuous in offering his olive branch before Gantz’s prime-time statement.

“At 19:55, ‘we’re both Benjamin,’ at 20:15, ‘zero leadership,” National Unity responds.

“The unfortunate truth is it’s not clear if Netanyahu wants agreements, what is certain is that at this moment, he’s unable [to reach them],” National Unity continues.

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