Netanyahu promised Abdullah Temple Mount status quo won’t be touched — report

A diplomatic source tells Channel 12 news that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised Jordan’s King Abdullah that the status quo on the Temple Mount will be preserved, during an unannounced meeting between the two earlier in the day.

Despite coming on the heels of a diplomatic spat over police questioning Jordan’s ambassador at the flashpoint holy site, and a chilly history between Netanyahu and Abdullah, the talks went well, according to the source.

“It was a good meeting that underlined the years of familiarity the leaders have with each other,” the source is quoted saying.

Under an arrangement that has prevailed for decades under Jordan’s custodianship, Jews and other non-Muslims are permitted to visit to the Temple Mount during certain hours but may not pray there. But Jewish religious nationalists, including members of the new governing coalition, have increasingly visited the site and demanded equal prayer rights for Jews there, infuriating the Palestinians and Muslims around the world.

AP contributed to this post.

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