Netanyahu: This government is the best ever for settlements

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells Likud lawmakers that “There hasn’t been and won’t be a government that’s better for settlements than our government.”

Speaking at the start of Likud’s weekly Knesset faction meeting, he hits back at accusations by settler leaders and the far-right that his government is overseeing a de facto “settlement freeze.”

“We’re building in all parts of the land, doing so with determination, systematically, and wisely,” Netanyahu insists.

And he warns them of the consequences of attempting to destabilize his government.

“I want to remind you what happened the last time a right-wing government was undermined from the right,” he says, a reference to the 1992 toppling of Yitzhak Shamir’s government by far-right parties. The resulting election ushered in the Labor-led administration of Yitzhak Rabin and launched the Oslo peace process.

“That’s the biggest mistake we could make, and I’m sure we won’t repeat it.”

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