‘Norwegian Law’ expected to come up for Knesset vote Wednesday

A bill that would allow ministers to resign their Knesset positions and enable a different member of their party slate to enter parliament is up for plenary votes on Wednesday, according to Hebrew reports.

It is meant to allow members lower down on the parties’ slates, who did not make it into parliament in the March 2 elections, to become lawmakers.

If passed, 13 ministers from various parties were planning to use the law to make way for an equal number of new MKs, Channel 12 news reported.

Critics and opposition lawmakers have accused the government of wasting taxpayer money with the measure. There have been widespread accusations that the government is overlarge and costly at a time when the economy is being ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the prime minister, the new government launched with 33 cabinet ministers. There are also 16 deputy ministers. The price tag for the overhead costs of the new government has been estimated as high as a billion shekels ($285 million).

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