NYT reprimands Abbas in editorial

The New York Times dedicates its Wednesday editorial to the Jerusalem synagogue attack, and admonishes the PA president for failing to take a firmer stance against terror.

It writes:

“The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, had to be pushed by Secretary of State John Kerry into speaking out. ‘We condemn the killings of worshipers at the synagogue in Jerusalem and condemn acts of violence no matter their source,’ Mr. Abbas said in a statement. That was apparently the first time he had denounced Palestinian attacks in recent days…. As a political leader, Mr. Abbas has a duty to make the moral case that such brutality and inhumanity can only bring shame upon the Palestinian people.”

The editorial refers to the rampage as “a tragedy for all Israelis and Palestinians.

“The two communities appeared increasingly locked in a cycle of hatred and hopelessness, where chances for stability, much less permanent peace, seem nearly impossible.”

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