Rivlin laments 4th elections in 2 years as shameful

President Reuven Rivlin, speaking at an Air Force graduation ceremony, terms the upcoming elections — Israel’s fourth in two years — “our shame.”

“Recently, I heard your commander, the commander of us all, Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi, say words that are important to quote here. ‘Since its creation, the IDF has played a significant role in Israeli society as the people’s army. There is no other army like it in the world, that takes the best of its country’s people, educates them in the principles of loving the country and the state and creates meeting points between the different groups that live here together. Alongside all this, it also teaches its recruits that there is no mission that cannot be accomplished.’ That’s what the Chief of Staff said, and I salute.”

“The Chief of Staff continued his remarks then, and today, when the storm of elections is with us again, to our shame, I would like to give them special emphasis. ‘The role of the IDF as an exemplary organization led by concern for the state – where the country, its interests and principles are paramount – is more important than ever. Our guiding light, all of us, is practical security considerations, and we all must be committed to that principle and to it alone.’

“That is what the Chief of Staff said and I adopt his words wholeheartedly at this time, and undertake to stand against any attempt to call them into question.”