Psychotherapist convicted of sexually abusing client in plea deal

Yuval Carmi acknowledges acts against Kim Ariel Arad but not other women; Arad expresses disappointment Carmi was not charged with rape

Psychologist Yuval Carmi, accused of sexually assaulting clients (Courtesy)
Psychologist Yuval Carmi, accused of sexually assaulting clients (Courtesy)

Psychotherapist Yuval Carmi pled guilty and was convicted Tuesday to some of the charges against him related to allegations of sexually assaulting a client, as part of a plea deal with prosecutors.

Carmi, 66, admitted to committing an indecent act against Kim Ariel Arad, 21, who came to him for help after suffering sexual abuse as a child.

He did not admit to any wrongdoing regarding at least three other plaintiffs who have come forward to accuse him, and will not face charges over any of them.

It was not immediately clear when sentencing would take place.

The acts against Arad took place early this year, with Carmi assaulting her during their session. Arad said she froze when that attack occurred.

Arad had voiced her disappointment with prosecutors prior to the plea deal being finalized, saying Carmi should have been charged with rape.

“This man used me and penetrated my privacy for four years that included severe ethical violations. In the end, he penetrated my body as well. It happened inside the clinic where I revealed to him the details of the rape I went through as a child,” Arad said.

“I had hoped the police and prosecution would be the responsible adults… their decision to give the crime against me the label they gave, a label that does not acknowledge what I went through, continues the severe harm to my sense of safety.”

She said she had considered appealing to the High Court of Justice but had come to the conclusion that it would be “torture, and I can’t go through more of that.”

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