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Best Instant Female Arousal Pills to try in 2024

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Failure to arouse can be a repercussion of a variety of physical, hormonal, or emotional changes. Decreased blood flow in the reproductive area due to medical procedures and a decline in estrogen (A gonadal steroid hormone associated with the female reproductive system) levels due to menopause are the two biggest contributors to a drop in a female’s libido. The fatigue caused by pregnancy and lactation also aids in decreasing the drive.

However, to combat this menace, female arousal pills or arousal gels are used. They are designed targetting women’s body and their reproductive health. These pills and gels address issues like inadequate lubrication, lesser drive, and reduced estrogen levels. The female arousal pills work by amplifying neurotransmitters in your brain and improving the quantity of estrogen in your body to help you feel aroused. Whereas female arousal gels dilate the blood vessels in the genital area, which increases the blood flow and oxygen supply resulting in stimulation and arousal.

Before administrating anything in your body, it’s important to ensure its safety. For this reason, we have rounded up only the four best instant female arousal pills that have safe and natural ingredients, a good market reputation, positive testimonials, and guarantees that promise instant effectiveness without any harm. Scroll up and choose the best instant female arousal pill for yourself!

Four best instant female arousal pills to try in 2024

The supplement industry is huge, and there are no limits to it. Every day adds to its expansion by introducing new products. Although the variety in types and forms of instant female arousal pills and instant female arousal gels can be really helpful, it can also be a drawback. Women, especially those trying these products for the first time, can experience a lot of trouble, confusion, and indecisiveness. Choosing the best instant female arousal pills can be a challenging thing, which is why we have gathered this list for you. Explore the following options, and see which female enhancer you like more.

Provestra - A best instant female arousal pill for older women

HerSolution Pills - Supplements to improve the lack of desire in women

Vigorelle - Aphrodisiacs-rich cream for instant female arousal

HerSolutionGel – A rapidly working libido enhancement gel


Provestra - A best instant female arousal pill for older women

Brand abstract

Provestra is a top female arousal pill manufactured by a company called leading edge health Ltd. which specializes in producing libido-enhancing supplements. These pills specifically target the symptoms of menopause which include dryness in the walls of the urethra, hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes, chills, osteoporosis (weakening of bones), slowed metabolism, and low libido. It has an all-natural ingredients formula that aims to ease these signs.

Since menopause symptoms occur due to disturbance and eventual decrease in estrogen hormone with age, Provestra works to regulate it. It stimulates all three gonadal steroid hormones to improve libido, namely estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. This makes Provestra effective even for women who have crossed their 60s and have hormonal disproportionality. Along with balancing hormones, it also bridges the nutritional gaps in the body created over a period of time to give more effective results making it beneficial in reducing period cramps and promoting a regular menstrual cycle.

Provestra has safe-to-consume, chemical-free ingredients which are backed by scientific evidence of improving libido in females. Provestra increases the drive and lubrication while inducing increased sensitivity to respective stimuli in the clitoris so that arousal can be achieved. Provestra does this by promoting blood flow to the genital area.

Provestra has no reported side effects, which is proof of how safe these supplements are. Moreover, the brand claims that you can feel the difference in just seven days! It works very quickly, making it undoubtedly one of the best instant female arousal pills. They are also cGMP certified, which means that the supplements are produced in a controlled sterile environment and proper FDA-approved facilities. Provestra is even endorsed by doctors.

However, due to the presence of a few herbal ingredients, it is not advised to be consumed by pregnant females. Consult with a practitioner before incorporating it into your routine during pregnancy.

Provestra is light on pockets with its various big saving packages and FREE of cost delivery on orders that are placed from the continental USA. They have full confidence in their products and offer 67 days return policy where you can try out the pills and see if they work for you. In case of dissatisfaction, you can return the remaining pills and get a full refund. However, the brand recommends using these pills for at least thirty days before deciding their effectiveness.

Prosvestra is not available at any retail shop, and if you spot it at any local store, it is most probably being sold by an unauthorized seller. For safety purposes, it’s better to buy Provestra through their site since they sell online only. All of the orders are secured and delivered in plain packages to maintain privacy.

How to use it?

One pill of Provestra female arousal supplement has to be taken daily for at least 30 days. It starts to work almost instantly and helps you with libido issues quickly.

Where to buy?

Provestra has not authorized any seller to sell its products and can, therefore, be bought only from its original site. This also prevents you from purchasing any replica of the brand or getting into a scam.

What is the Cost? 

Provestra’s one-month supply costs  $59.95 and contains 30 capsules.


Black Cohosh Root

Black cohosh root is famous for treating vasomotor symptoms, which include hot flashes and night sweats. These symptoms are a common occurrence during menopause. It relieves these symptoms by stimulating estrogen production. It also improves fertility by inducing the reduction of luteinizing hormone for ovulation. Black cohosh binds with opioid receptors, which block pain signals sent from the body to the brain, and provide pain relief from period cramps.


This ingredient is mainly found in green vegetables. It plays a key role in breast health by preventing estrogen-enhanced cancer in women. It balances the estrogen amount in the body that is required by promoting estrogen metabolism and stimulating the detoxification of estrogen. It also supplies vegetable nutrition to remove deficiency in the body if you do not take vegetables in your routine diet.


Iron is required by your body for a variety of purposes, such as improving fatigue, increasing libido, amplifying energy, and promoting growth and development. Iron does these functions by carrying and delivering oxygen to the blood. Iron forms the haem part in hemoglobin, a protein responsible for carrying oxygen. It also forms myoglobin which is a protein responsible for giving oxygen to muscles. It overall improves your physical performance along with reproductive health.

Damiana Leaf

This sub-tropical shrub is known for its aphrodisiac effects, which means it is involved in arousing and improving performance. It increases the sensitivity of the clitoris by delivering oxygen to it. It also improves libido by balancing estrogen levels. Damania leaf has a direct effect on the bladder and stomach, so it can also help with bedwetting and stomach issues.

B-Complex Vitamins

Vitamin B1 to B12 are all incorporated in the formula of Provestra. They have numerous health benefits, like improving metabolism, promoting wound healing, improving blood flow, etc. They are necessary to maintain good reproductive health as well. Vitamin B6, in particular, regulates all three reproductive hormones, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, to increase libido. This vitamin helps to improve the drive of older people. Vitamin B3 brings oxygen to the genital for the facilitation of easier climaxes. Vitamin B 12 helps to strengthen immunity to guard against harmful microorganisms and allergens.

These vitamins also supply a good amount of energy to your nerves to ensure their proper functioning, especially B1,6 and 12. These three are also known as neurotropic vitamins.

Folic Acid

This ingredient is highly effective in preventing some serious life-threatening conditions such as stroke. It is a form of folate that can build protein, grow tissues and make red blood cells. This function lowers the risk of anemia. It also prevents neural tube defects in a fetus. Folic acid is also involved in reducing the risks of cancer. It usually works with B vitamins to control the levels of homocysteine, an amino acid, in the blood. Its increased levels can potentially cause cancer.


Biotin is also known as Vitamin H. It is an essential nutrient that supports the health of nails and hair. Along with that, it also helps in boosting immunity, improve heart function, and regulate metabolism to produce energy. Its deficiency can cause lethargy, fatigue, and loss of libido. To cope with this, Biotin is incorporated into the formula of Provestra.

Vitamins A, C, E

The formula of Porvestra contains more beneficial vitamins, including Vitamin A, vitamin C, and Vitamin E. These three vitamins are unknown for their antioxidant properties. They fight the harmful radicles and neutralize their effect. They also aid in maintaining female reproductive health. Vitamin A, specifically, helps to increase the production of progesterone. Vitamin C stimulates the synthesis of gonadal steroid hormones, and Vitamin E reduces the toxicity of estrogen hormone while aiding dryness reduction in the genital area.


It is a mild stimulant and an aphrodisiac which means not only will it keep you active throughout the day, but it will also work to increase your libido. It is a vasodilator which means it relaxes your blood vessels and ensures a steady flow to your body systems. Dialating the vessels also results in relaxing your body, so unlike other stimulants, theobromine will not make you feel jittery while boosting your energy levels.


This ingredient dilates the arteries to maximize blood flow. This helps to relieve menopausal symptoms and achieve enhanced physical function. It has some amount of antioxidants to fight inflammation and can make the immune system stronger. This ingredient also helps to bring down the heightened sugar levels. It reduces fatigue to ensure a relaxed state of mind for arousal.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginko Biloba is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that is known for easing the symptoms of PMS. It also aids in arousing. It is a vasodilator that works to improve blood flow by relaxing the vessels. It does this by increasing the levels of nitric oxide in the blood, which has a direct impact on ion vessels. As a result of this process, more blood is reached the private parts, and arousal is attained.

Red Raspberry

This ingredient is very beneficial or the reproductive system. It is nutrient-rich and low in calories. Red Raspberry can help to stabilize period cramps due to its richness in vital nutrients. It helps to overcome low libido. It also affects the bladder, which seizes the urge to urinate multiple times during pregnancy.

Licorice Root

It activates estrogenic receptors in the body and copes with estrogen deficiency. It promotes fertility by protecting the body against xenohormones, and these hormones cause progesterone deficiency. Doing so reduces hot flashes, which are a key sign of menopause.

Ginger Root

Ginger root aids in reducing anxiety and depression and calming your body. It does this by promoting happy hormones, including serotonin and dopamine levels in the blood. To help with the cause, it also reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow. This also results in easy arousal as blood is reached conveniently in the genital area and increases the sensitivity of the clitoris.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is an antacid that relieves heartburn. It strengthens the bones and overcomes the deficiency of calcium in them. With this, it reduces osteoporosis which is the brittle bone due to age. It also supports smooth nerve and muscle function.


This mineral also supports steady growth and development. It also promotes blood clotting. Zinc helps in the synthesis of gonad hormones, which positively impacts your passion urges and enhances arousal.


  • Herbal remedy-Provestra provides an all-natural herbal solution to your menopausal symptoms and lack of desire.
  • Good customer service– Provestra has customer service that is available around the clock to assist if you encounter any trouble.
  • Discounts-Provestra offers big discounts on heavier bundles.
  • Reduces menopausal effects- If you are at any stage of menopause, be it perimenopausal or post, Provestra works to relax the symptoms and ease you up.
  • Hormone-free- It does not contain any fake or synthetic hormones. It simply works by stimulating the needed hormones in your body.
  • Endorsed by doctors- One of the biggest pieces of proof of credibility is that Provestra is backed by doctors. It is a reassurance that this supplement is safe to use and will provide results.
  • Return policy- The brand has an easy return policy where you can return your leftover contents within 67 days and get a full refund.
  • Free shipping- The brand offers FREE shipping in the USA.
  • Regulates menstrual cycle- Provestra fills the deficiencies in the body that cause irregular cycles and promotes regular menstrual cycles.


  • Available online- The only drawback is that this pill is available online only. You have to order from their site, and it cannot be found in your nearby stores.


HerSolution Pills– Supplements to improve the lack of desire in women

Brand abstract

Hersolution supplements are a doctor’s approved solution to lack of desire. This disinclination can be due to pregnancy, menopause, poor lifestyle, or PMS. Hersolution works to build the desire back by bringing hormones to balance and overcome any nutritional deficiencies in the body.

Hersolution pills are formulated with 100% natural ingredients, which include herbs and aphrodisiacs that are proven to improve libido and lubrication. It works by vasodilation to increase blood flow which in turn increases sensitivity in private organs like the clitoris and labia that are responsible for arousal. The formula has aphrodisiacs like Mucuna Pruriens that work to reawaken the desire. The pills also help with menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, dryness, and irregular periods, by promoting the production of estrogen.

Since it is full of nutrients that help to overcome deficiencies in the body, this supplement not only provides you with energy but also helps with troublesome PMS symptoms. Other ingredients in it also help to raise dopamine levels which are responsible for increasing libido and triggering arousal.

Hersolution pills relax your muscles and de-stress you to make climax achievable. These pills are studied and approved by doctors. They have no side effects reported. The pills also help you attain arousal even if you’re menopausal by reducing the severity of its symptoms.

However, the pills are not to take if you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding, as it contains a few ingredients which may not be beneficial during that period.

The female arousal pills can easily be bought from their site. They start working almost immediately and provide instant results in a time period of as short as seven days. However, the brand recommends using the pills for at least two months to see visible results. They also have a 67-day refund policy where you can return any empty bottles and receive a full refund if you haven’t felt any difference. However, a refund is limited to one order per customer and has to be done within 67 days.

Hersolution has supportive customer care that is available 24 hours a week to assist you with any queries. They are cGMP certified, which means the products are produced in standardized facilities. They are manufactured safely. None of the ingredients is incorporated into the formula until it is tested.

Hersolution offers free delivery on orders from the USA. The orders are secure with SSL encryption, and delivery is done in plain packages. They offer various discounts and big savings packages. Their bundles include everyday value, gold, platinum, and diamond package. Upon comparison, you will find yourself saving the most when buying their diamond package.

Her solution also gives away FREE gifts on orders of the gold package or above. Their highest-rated Hersolution Gel comes free with these orders. This gel helps to increase lubrication to avoid painful penetration. The gel and pills work in combination to fight libido issues and give you the best results instantly.

How to use it?

One pill of Hersolution has to be taken every day for 60 days. You will soon notice a gradual increase in libido and an improvement in PMS troubles.

Where to buy?

Hersolution has not authorized any seller so it cannot be found in local shops near you. It can only be bought from their original website. It is also beneficial in a way that you can rest assured knowing that they will be authentic since no third party is involved in delivering them to you.

What’s the cost?

The one-month supply of Hersolution pills contains 30 supplements. One for each day. It costs $59.95. It can be paid in installments of 4 payments.



Cayenne is a strong aphrodisiac that can quickly stimulate desire. It has a heating effect which raises up the internal temperature for the best functioning of internal body activities. It makes various enzymes work faster due to its thermogenic effect and helps increase metabolism for more production of energy which can be helpful in arousal even when tired. It increases blood circulation to private organs and promotes sensitivity. By improving metabolic rate, it also aids in improving digestion and maintaining weight. It is added in Hersolution pills as it offers a wide variety of health benefits stated above.

Epimedium sagitattum

Epimedium sagitattum, also referred to as horny goat weed, is a famous traditional Chinese medicine used to treat reproductive problems. It particularly addresses performance issues and decreased libido. It has phytoestrogen, which works similarly to estrogen and fights the issues caused by its deficiency, such as irregular periods, low libido, and menopausal symptoms. It also supports smooth joint function during menopause by preventing osteoporosis and the weakening of bones. Epimedium Sagittum is also known to improve blood circulation so that blood and oxygen can easily reach private organs, and arousal can be triggered.

Tribulus Terrestris

It is a small leafy Ayurvedic plant also called bindii. Few studies conducted show that this ingredient is effective in improving the desire. It is also used to treat disorders related to libido. It de-stresses the body and leaves you in a good mood. It has phytochemicals that are beneficial in regulating hormones and protecting the heart from various diseases. Due to its ability to circulate hormones efficiently, it modulates the menstrual cycle, improves fertility, and increases libido in menopausal women.

Mucuna pruriens

It is called velvet bean and is packed with highly nutritious health positive substances that provide a variety of benefits. It is used in fertility treatments as it boosts energy and libido. It promotes the health of your body systems, especially the reproductive system, nervous system, and digestive systems. It ensures proper delivery of oxygen to organs, especially genitals, for arousal. It relaxes your muscles and helps to ease constipation.

Ginkgo biloba

It is an antioxidant-rich dietary supplement. It reduces inflammations such as allergies. It fights the dangerous radicles in the environment and prevents them from causing damage to the body. Ginkgo Biloba is also known to raise nitric oxide levels in the body, which in return dilates blood vessels and increases blood pressure. It is beneficial as the tissues of private organs foster sensitivity once they are filled with blood. This makes arousal achievable.

Hops Extract

Hops extract is a calming agent that can help to reduce anxiety. It has flavonoids like xanthohumol, a phytochemical that dilates blood vessels and helps to improve blood flow. It eases tension, restlessness, and nervousness. Calming down the body ensures the proper working of hormones. So hops extract also contributes to balancing gonadal hormones, especially estrogen, to improve libido.

Hops extract also has many other health benefits, including anti-inflammation, antioxidants, anti-cancer, and antiviral properties.


It is a water-soluble B vitamin that facilitates blood flow and ensures arousal. It stimulates the production of reproductive hormones by helping the adrenal gland to secrete them. It is beneficial in keeping your internal systems, like the digestive and nervous systems, healthy. It aids in energy production during digestion by aiding enzymes to break down food. This ingredient is also great for your integumentary system, AKA skin. It reduces wrinkles by reducing the production of photocarcinogenesis. Niacin also reduces the cholesterol content in the body by lowering low-density lipoprotein and increasing high-density lipoprotein.


This ingredient is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland, which specializes in the production of gonadal hormones like testosterone in males and estrogen in females. Its intake drastically improves libido and also reduces the symptoms of anxiety by calming your body. Production of this hormone in the body decreases with time, hence consumption of it can help overcome its deficiency. These ingredients also make Hersolution Pills the best instant arousal pills for women over 60 or 70.


It is a hormone produced by the brain at night in response to darkness. It promotes sleep and regulates the sleep-wake cycle. It is included in the formula of Hersolution pills to help you achieve a full 8 hours of sleep so that your body is energized and internal functions can occur smoothly.


  • FREE gifts- Hersolution sends their top-rated gel along with orders. This gel works wonders when used alongside the supplements.
  • Targets lack of desire- The brand specifically works to overcome low libido. You can trust this one if you have been feeling a decline in urge lately.
  • Endorsed by doctors- Hersolution pills are safe to administer. They are supported by well-known doctors due to their effectiveness and safe results.
  • Instant results- The brand claims that these pills can work their magic in as less as seven days!
  • Natural ingredients-  It is completely made of natural ingredients. Its formula is free of any preservatives, synthetics, and hidden ingredients.
  • Full of nutrients – Their formula is packed with ingredients full of nutritious value. It makes a healthy part of your diet and regular usage and eradicates deficiencies in the body.
  • No side effects- Hersolution pills have no side effects ever reported.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee- 
  • Hersolution offers a guarantee backed with a full refund in case you didn’t get desired results.


  • Pregnant women-  Hersolution is not suitable for consumption during pregnancy or lactation.
  • Melatonin-  The formula of this product contains melatonin, a hormone responsible for sleep. It can make you feel drowsy and sleepy if overly consumed.



Vigorelle – Aphrodisiacs-rich cream for instant female arousal

Brand abstract

Vigorelle is an aphrodisiac-rich instant arousal gel that provides lubrication and increases libido. You do not have to consume any pills to aid in its effectiveness, this creamy gel is alone enough to overcome the declined urge. It stimulates the sensitive parts almost immediately when applied.

This specifically targets dryness in the genitals which can cause a lot of trouble during intimacy. It can make penetration painful by fostering friction. It may result in burning, itching, or even bleeding. To battle them, Vigorelle has ingredients that not only instantly provide lubrication by instantly greasing and reducing abrasion, but also they also act on the walls to stimulate mucus production, which results in more lubrication naturally.

The gel has a silky smooth texture that makes it slideable. It doesn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable as it is light in weight and provides a cool sensation. It is made up of all-natural and safe ingredients and is, most importantly, water-based. This means, unlike oil-based gels, it can be easily washed away and you won’t feel any residues left behind. Moreover, the formula also doesn’t have any synthetic or perfume-like smell. This makes it safe for people allergic to fragrances. It is very smooth and can hold moisture for longer periods.

Virogelle is perfect for people who are health conscious as it is made in controlled and monitored facilities that are cGMP compliant. Not only are their ingredients safe, but they are also free from fragrances, artificial colors, and flavors. Its formula has no strong or harsh ingredients, such as propylparaben and methylparaben, that can upset the health of your reproductive system. These parabens can disrupt the balance of hormones and increase cancer risk. Hence the formula of Vigoreele is free from such damaging elements.

Vigorelle does its charm while protecting the tissues in sensitive areas and keeping them intact. It is also Ph balanced so that no bacteria or fungus can have breeding conditions. It keeps your reproductive organs free from infections.

Vigorelle is approved by many doctors. You can trust it to regain your passion urges. The formula helps to increase blood flow in the walls of the reproductive organ while healing the genital tissues. The brand claims to improve natural lubrication and sensation after just three uses! Its high-quality active ingredients are bound to help you through your diminished sensation.

Orders placed on their website are secured by SSL encryption and delivered discreetly. They offer a 67-day money-back guarantee, 60 days to try the product, and one week for delivery.

How to use it?

The gel has to be applied inside the clitoral hood where it can quickly dilate the vessels and help reach more blood to the area for increased sensitivity and stimulation.

Where to buy?

This cream can be bought from the original site of Vigorelle.

What’s the cost?

One month’s supply of Vigorelle costs $59.95. The payment can be made in 4 easy installments.


L-Arginine HCI

L-Arginine is an Amino acid. It has two essential jobs in our body; it increases the production of nitric oxide, that’s essential for blood flow and blood vessel direction. It also helps to build specific proteins in our body. However, Arginine has one more effect that is not commonly known. Studies show that the enhancement of blood flow has a positive impact on reproductive function in women, increasing libido. Nitric oxide expands your blood vessels, which enhances physical responsiveness. It increases libido by increasing the flow of oxygenated blood and intensifying sensation. But the research on Arginine increasing libido is limited and may have some potential side effects. If you are considering using L-arginine to improve your libido drive, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional first.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is a herb that soothes irritation and increases moisture retention in the upper layers of the skin. Some studies suggest that Gingko Biloba may have some benefits that enhance libido in women. For example, it can regulate blood flow to the genital area and reduce stress and anxiety. This improves the mood and creates a sense of relaxation in the body, which increases libido in women. However, Gingko Biloba may have some side effects, such as headaches and dizziness, so it is recommended to consult a doctor before using this ingredient to lift your libido.

Wild Yam – Rhizoma Dioscorea Villosae

Wild Yam (Rhizoma Dioscorea Villosae) is a plant that contains a chemical called diosgenin, which can be made into various steroids. Traditionally, it has been used as a natural remedy for different health conditions, including menstrual cramps and low libido in women. Diosgenin is an antecedent to the hormone progesterone. Wild Yam is known to increase progesterone levels in the female body, which has a number of benefits for women. It supports the female hormonal balance by filtering out negative energy, which increases libido in women. Wild Yam is also known to soothe symptoms of menopause, such as genital dryness. Although Wild Yam has been used for centuries for medical purposes, it is still better to consult a doctor before using it to avoid any interactions with the medications you might be taking.

Damiana Leaf – Folium Turneraceae

Damiana, also scientifically known as Turnera diffusa. Over the years, it has been used as an aphrodisiac to improve libido in both men and women. Damiana Leaf contains natural compounds such as flavonoids, terpenoids, and phenolics. These compounds have aphrodisiacs, which are known to relieve stress and anxiety and increase blood flow to the genitals. All of this can positively impact reproductive health and increases libido and stamina. In addition, Damiana Leaf also improves nerve sensitivity in the genital area, leading to more intense climaxes.

Suma Root – Radix Pfaffiae Paniculatae Suma root

Suma root, also known as Brazilian Ginseng, is a natural supplement sourced from the Pfaffia paniculata plant, which has traditionally been used for various purposes in medicine. One of its abilities is to improve libido, particularly in women. Suma root is known to have properties that can reduce fatigue, improves immune function, and increase energy levels. This positively affects overall health and reproduction vitality, contributing to enhancement in libido. Although Suma root has been used for centuries for medical purposes, it is advised to consult with a healthcare provider before using it.

Peppermint Leaf – Folium Menthae Piperitae

Peppermint Leaf is a natural herb that has been used for centuries due to its healing properties. It is also known as Folium Menthae Piperitae. One of its benefits for women includes increasing libido. It contains compounds such as menthol and menthone. These compounds are known to stimulate the body and increase blood flow which may enhance arousal. Peppermint Leaf may also improve digestion and reduce stress. Although Peppermint Leaf may have some potential benefits for women, it is necessary to consult with a healthcare professional before using it.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring chemical in our body that reduces the loss of moisture. It plays a vital role in tissue generation, keeping our tissues nicely lubricated. It is also used in various skincare and beauty products. Hyaluronic Acid’s ability to retain moisture is helpful in reducing dryness in the female genital area and keeping it lubricated, and this leads to an increase in libido in women. Moreover, it is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may reduce pain during intercourse.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is a natural substance derived from the aloe vera plant. According to studies, it has been used for centuries as a prominent arousal stimulant. It has some benefits to increase the libido in women. Aloe vera gel contains different bioactive compounds, such as polysaccharides, glycoproteins, and anthraquinones, which are known to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. These properties contribute to improving private organs’ health by reducing itching, and burning, hence increasing libido.

Vitamin A, C & E complex

Vitamin A, C & E complex is a combination of three essential vitamins that are known for their powerful antioxidant properties. They fight the harmful radicles and neutralize their effect. Although they are not usually associated with increasing libido, they do have some benefits for females, particularly in this area.

Vitamin A is responsible for producing healthy reproductive issues and plays a vital role in fertility. Vitamin C is known to improve blood circulation and helps to maintain healthy blood vessels. Vitamin E is used in skin care products, as it has properties to reduce oxidative stress and improve skin health. It also reduces the toxicity of estrogen hormone, which aids dryness reduction in the genital area. Altogether, these vitamins help to support healthy production and improve blood flow to the genital area, hence increasing libido in women.


  • pH balanced-  Before administering anything near the reproductive area in females, it is important to ensure that its pH is balanced. Out-of-range pH can give a perfect environment for infectious particles to attack. However, in the case of Vigorelle, it has a perfectly balanced pH making it safe to use.
  • No parabens-  Parabens can cause toxicity; hence they are included in the formula of Vigorelle.
  • Water-based-  The cream is easy to wash off since it is water-based. It will not require any scrubbing or exfoliation to get rid of.
  • Non-greasy-  Since it is water-based, it does not feel irritating when applied. It has a non-greasy light formula that works effectively on all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Free delivery-  Vigorelle offers FREE delivery on every order from the continental USA.
  • Cream-based formula- The application of cream saves you from the hustle of popping down pills every time you want to experience arousal. It has easy application and long-lasting results.
  • Moisturizing-  The ingredients used in this cream’s formula are very mild and hydrating. They are perfect for any kind of skin. They have moisture-locking properties to keep the area free from dryness.
  • cGMP-compliant facilities-  The products of vigorelle are produced in standardized cGMP-compliant facilities where they are monitored and checked for quality to provide you with only the best.


  • Expensive-  Vigorelle can be an expensive option compared to its substitutes.


Hersolution Gel – A rapidly working libido enhancement gel

Brand abstract

Hersolution Gel by Leading Edge Health is an all-in-one solution to low urges problems. It eradicates dryness by providing enough moisture to prevent pain and itching. This dryness can be due to a number of reasons, such as menopause, pregnancy, birth control, hysterectomy, stress, poor diet, etc. Hersolution gel eases up the tissues surrounding the female reproductive organ to make penetration easier and stimulate natural mucus secretion.

With the increase in lubrication, sensation, and drive are also increased. It’s a direct relation. Hence, not only does it take away dryness, but Hersolution also increases your libido.

It is rated one of the best instant female arousal pills and can surely aid in solving your reproductive health issues. The dryness problem is solved right after its application. That is how effective the gel is! Not only this, but it also pushes the blood down to the clitoris making it more sensitive to stimulus and ready for arousal.

Unlike other drugstore lubricants, this gel is completely chemical and synthetic-free. It has natural ingredients and has been approved by doctors many times. It was seen being distributed to a panel of highly qualified doctors, “The doctors” show, where they reviewed this gel using their expertise, and of course, they were impressed by the formulation and the quick results.

The L-arginine included in its formula helps to dilate vessels and increase blood flow to reproductive organs, naturally made essences that are present help in arousing, and the soothing ingredients like aloe, cocoa butter, and shea give this gel a silky slippery consistency.

Hersolution claims that not only will it increase libido, but the gel will also maintain these higher levels of urge in the future when you decide to discontinue using it. It is not a one-time solution. You can feel the results right after the first application, but maximum results were seen after the usage of at least seven days.

The formula of Hersolution Gel is also Paraben free, which means your hormones will remain protected during its application. It doesn’t have anything that can possibly cause irritation or display allergic reactions on your skin. The gel is manufactured in cGMP-compliant facilities to ensure high quality.

With the order of 3 months, you can also receive Hersolution pills for libido enhancement which regulate your gonad hormones and bring the desire back. The pills do not require any prescription and bring out the best in you when used along the gel.

They have a 67 days return policy where you can get a full refund if you don’t receive your desired results. You simply have to return them in empty containers. However, they recommend using the gel for at least 60 days before judging and making a return.

The shipping is FREE on orders from the USA, and delivery is done discreetly in plain packages.

How to use it?

A small quantity of Hersolution gel has to be massaged on the walls of private organs.

Where to buy?

The Hersolution gel can be ordered from their official site.

What’s the cost?

One month’s supply of Hersolution Gel costs $59.95. You can save Big if you choose one of their packages instead of everyday value.



It is a famous skincare ingredient. It acts as a stabilizer and balances the pH of the formula. It is added in Hersolution Gel so that pH-related trouble can be kept at bay. Out-of-range pH can be really harmful, and including it in a formula can do more harm than good, as it can lead to irritations, infections, etc. Hersolution Gel, however, is free from this threat as it has Triethanolamine present in it in optimum quantity. This ingredient also helps to build a good thickened consistency of the gel.

Citric Acid

Citric Acid is an organic comp that is really effective in killing harmful microorganisms. This ingredient is added to the formula to keep your genital area safe from infections or bacteria. It prevents the formation of skin fungi and molds. It also acts as a natural preservative and an exfoliator. This means adding it will make the product last longer and your skin soft.

Cocoa Butter

This is a fatty acid-rich ingredient that works to form a protective barrier over your skin and locks the moisture. It is really effective in creating lubrication. It is also known for its ability to prevent stretch marks and eczema due to its hydrating properties.

Purified Water

It is a hydrating ingredient that helps to provide enough moisture to your skin that it loses its dryness completely and becomes wrinkle-free.

Dipropylene Glycol

Dipropylene Glycol is known for its moisture-retaining properties, which means it has the ability to hold water in it for a longer period of time and does not let them evaporate. This is essential so that your skin can stay hydrated and soft.

Menthol USP

Menthol-USP is a counter-irritant. Just like the name suggests, it helps to calm irritation. It gives a cooling effect when applied, which quickly seizes the burning sensation of the irritated area. First, it excites nociceptors (receptors that receive the pain signal) and then de-excites them to relieve you from pain. It is incorporated into the formula to give a cooling effect and keep the area irritation free.

Olive Squalene

These ingredients have soothing and moisturizing properties. It is easily absorbed by the skin and works to keep it soft. It prevents transepidermal loss of water so that your skin can stay hydrated for a longer period of time. It is very light in weight and can help soften the tissues. It is also an aphrodisiac that can enhance the urge.

Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe vera has great antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. It inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms. It is vital to keep your genital area safe from bacterial invasion. It is also an aphrodisiac, and its application can do wonders for your libido. It can help heighten it.

Aloe is also necessary for wound healing so that any prior results of abrasion can be healed quickly and painful penetration can be prevented.

Carbopol Ultrez Polymer

Carbopol Ultrez Polymer is water-soluble and acts as a suspending agent. It stabilizes the product and keeps viscosity in check. It is used in many cosmetic products as it can help maintain consistency. Its use in the formula makes the consistency silky and slippery for easy application and more lubrication.


It is an amino acid that has abilities to dilate the vessels in your private organs. By improving the blood flow, more oxygen can be received in the required area, and sensitivity increases. This can lead to arousal. L-Arginine is a key ingredient in many libido-enhancing products because of its promising effects.

Shea Butter

It is an emollient which means that shea butter holds soothing and softening properties for the skin. It is rich in fatty acids that are beneficial for the skin. Due to its moisturizing properties, it can work as an effective lubricant. It keeps the irritations away and contributes to raising libido.


  • Targets dryness-  Hersolution gel provides enough moisture that you can see a visible reduction in dryness just after one use.
  • Approved by doctors-  It has been reviewed by doctors and endorsed since it only has safe and effective ingredients.
  • Easy to use-  The gel is very to use. It simply has to be applied in the area for it to start working.
  • Light consistency-  It doesn’t have stickiness or high viscosity, the gel will easily roll over your skin, and its lightness won’t even make you feel a thing.
  • Paraben free-  The gel is free from any harmful chemicals that can disrupt your reproductive health, including parabens.
  • Free delivery-  Her solution offers FREE delivery on orders from the USA.
  • cGMP-approved facilities –  The gel is produced in safe and cGMP-compliant facilities to ensure high quality.


  • Online product-  Hersolution gel can only be bought from their website.



Is it Viagra?

No, these pills are not Viagra. There is no Viagra for women, actually. A few drugs are prescribed as a medication to help with disorders related to libido, but they can have harmful side effects. These pills, ones that are listed in the section of best instant female arousal pills, are not Viagra or any other medication that can be used to treat a disease or disorder. Female arousal pills are simply dietary supplements made from natural ingredients. They are herbal remedies.

Can you buy these libido enhancers from a local store?

Libido enhancers might be present in shops or stores near you, but they won’t be authorized sellers, so it would risk the authenticity and safety of the product. It is always better to order products from their original sites.

On what criteria did you select these four libido enhancers?

We carried out extensive research on our end to ensure that you make an informed decision. Some of the factors we judged the products before adding them to our best instant female arousal pills list were

  • Ingredients used
  • Their efficiency
  • Honest and real customer reviews
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Maintenance of privacy

All of the selected pills and gels on our list contain only natural ingredients. Nothing chemical, synthetic, or artificial is added to them. The pills are safe to consume with no reported side effects, and the gels are safe to apply as their mild formula does not cause any irritation. Both the gels and pills are effective in their goals. They are even doctor’s approved. These four products are well-known in the market, and people have only good things to say about them. No prescription is required to buy them, making your purchase convenient. Upon ordering, your data is protected with SSL protection on their site. Since these products were literal all-rounders, we included them in the best instant female arousal pills list.

Why do women lose their desire?

In older women, the production of estrogen hormone starts to seize. It gradually reduces over time. In older age when it significantly decreases, the symptoms of its deficiency along with menopause show up. These symptoms include uneasiness, irritability, vasomotor symptoms, irregular cycle, etc. As a result of them, libido and arousal excitability decline greatly, making older women lose their desire.

Are instant female arousal pills beneficial for older women?

Yes, the pills recommended in our list of best instant female arousal pills are very beneficial for women in not just improving their libido but also their health. These pills are great for women above 50-60 as they stimulate the production of gonadal hormones through the adrenal gland. This helps to bring back hormones disruption to a balance in older females and relieve their menopausal symptoms along with rejuvenating desire.

What is better for me, pill or gel?

This completely depends on what outcomes you are expecting and what your goals are. If you want an increased libido, but your hormonal disbalance is holding you back, I would suggest going for pills as they can excite the estrogen hormone secretion and balance your hormones, but if you are facing issues related to dryness, pain, and burning during penetration, choose gel. Both are equally effective in overcoming your desire-building obstacles.

How do female arousal pills work?

The female enhancement pills work by targeting hormonal imbalance. The excited glands are responsible for the production of gonadal steroid hormones called estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. By balancing these hormones, libido can be increased, and arousal takes place. They also aid in increasing natural lubrication by stimulating the walls of private organs. They do this by increasing the nitric oxide content in blood, which expands blood vessels and take more blood to the area for stimulation.

Should I be taking Female arousal pills?

If you have been feeling a decline in libido or you are always tired, you should definitely consider purchasing Female arousal pills. These will also help to maintain your energy levels and take away this drowsiness. We have researched and picked the four best ones ourselves to save you the trouble. Just head to our best instant female enhancement pills lists and choose yourself.

Do these female enhancers really work?

Yes, they really work. They are herbal remedies full of aphrodisiacs. Each ingredient included in them has a history of solving libido issues. Moreover, they are also backed by doctors on many occasions! Some of them have hormones in ingredients that quickly activate and start working to increase libido. Rest work only by incorporating ingredients that activate stimulation naturally in the body. The latter ones we prefer more and have listed these in our post.

Are the ingredients safe?

Yes, the ingredients used in libido enhancers are mostly natural and harmless. They do not cause any irritation or adverse effect. They are known in the herbal word for fighting low libido for ages. Moreover, they are created into a product in FDA-approved facilities, which means that they make sure the product is up to the mark with all the quality standards.

What is the cost, and how to order?

The Pills that we have discussed mostly range between $55-60. We have only included cost-effective pills that you easily buy. It won’t cost extra money for a doctor’s consultation as all of the products are herbal remedies and do not require any prescriptions. To save more money, we would suggest that you choose bulkier bundles once you have decided to continue their usage. The higher the package, the more you save. It is a cost-effective solution for long-term use.

To order these products, you simply have to go to their respective official sites and search for the place an order option to get yourself an enhancer.

How do arousal gels work?

The arousal gels work by promoting lubrication and the natural secretion of mucus. They provide moisture to overcome dryness and soothe the area. Dryness can lead to increased pain sensitivity, burning sensations, and itching. This can be very frustrating, and lubricating ingredients in gels save you from it. They make the area more smooth and easy to penetrate without any hurdles. They also expand and relax the blood vessels near your private organs to increase blood flow. This results in increased sensitivity in the clitoral region. Since it gets stimulated, arousal can be achieved. The ingredients present in these gels make sure to perform this function.

The bottom line

Female arousal pills are designed to meet the needs of the female reproductive system in order to improve libido, lubrication, and arousal. These female enhancement pills can be in the form of dietary supplements, prescription pills, or gel alternatives. Keeping in view the convenience and safety, we advise using OTC supplements or their gel alternative more than prescription pills. The latter can be a hustle to buy and would require a doctor to write you down a prescription. Moreover, these prescription pills may also have harsh effects since they are stronger. Supplements and gels, on the other hand, have natural ingredients, are safer to use, can be conveniently administered, and do not require any prescription. They are also quick to deliver results.

Most instant female arousal pills are full of vitamins and minerals, which means while working on your libido, they also work on your body’s health. These pills improve your estrogen levels to boost libido and lubrication naturally. Whereas arousal gels reduce abrasion and stimulate the natural secretion of mucus from reproductive organs.

Different things work for different people. Hence, we have listed four libido enhancers in our list of the best instant female arousal pills that are present in both forms, pills and gels, to help you select what would work best for you.

Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely substitutes for sound medical or financial advice from a licensed healthcare provider or certified financial advisor. Make sure to consult with a professional physician or financial consultant before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed as the statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA, or Health Canada approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and do not provide any kind of get-rich money scheme. Reviewer is not responsible for pricing inaccuracies. Check product sales page for final prices.

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