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How Cafe De Anatolia is Growing a Huge Fan Base in Israel

Cafe De Anatolia (Courtesy)
Cafe De Anatolia (Courtesy)

The music scene is highly competitive, making it hard for artists to build a name for themselves in the industry. As an upcoming artist in the industry, there are many challenges that you have to overcome to reach the top, including financial constraints, building an online presence, and even promoting your music. However, it doesn’t mean that it is entirely impossible to penetrate the industry and cement your place. Cafe De Anatolia is a leading record label that has helped their artists grow a huge fan base, and they now share how they managed to do that.

According to Nikola Iliev, aka Nickarth and also known by his artist name Rialians On Earth, co-founder of Cafe De Anatolia, the key is understanding that every artist is talented in a his/her own way and giving each the space to follow their passion is essentially important, says Nickarth.

As a record company managing illustrious international artists, Cafe De Anatolia is heavily endorsed for their accentuation of unique electronic music ranging from Organic House, Chillout, Electronica, Lounge, Ethno House and Organic Downtempo with oriental & occidental twists. Their perfect combination of lost ethnic sounds intertwined with modern vibes sets their music apart, with their artists gaining worldwide recognition.

Cafe De Anatolia has pioneered more than 400 compilations, albums, singles, and EPs and supported over 350 exclusive artists towards growing their fan bases. They have collaborated with many big names in the industry such as Andre Soueid, Manuel Defil, Armen Miran, Felix Raphael, NU, Rialians On Earth, Tebra, Dan Bay, Jerry Spoon, Dennis Allen, Ghenwa Nemnom, Billy Esteban, Tebra, Jad Halal, Zuma Dionys, Savage & Shē, Just Emma, DJ Brahms, Urmet K, Mass Digital, Beije, Mohamed Rouane, Riyozaki and Ivailo Blagoev , Timboletti, Omeria, Adam Husa and many more.

Cafe De Anatolia owns over 15 YouTube channels where they post their work, with eight of those having received the Silver YouTube creator award. Some of their tracks they have produced and released have won several awards, including “Il Mattino” by Anis Karek, which was part of Spring/Summer Women Collection 2022.

“Our goal as a team is to help upcoming and established artists in their journey, giving them all the support that they require,” says Monika Ilieva, co-founder of Cafe De Anatolia. Involved in the Israeli music industry, they are now assisting other talents and collaborating with many of them. Last year, they had a video showcasing T-Puse playing in Mitzpe Ramon, which attracted a lot of attention with his full EP “Changes” becoming an instant hit.

Billy Esteban, also a co-founder at Café De Anatolia, explains that they are developing marketing strategies to help young artists build their name in the industry by leveraging social media.

As they continue to thrive, Cafe De Anatolia is revolutionizing the music industry and helping young talents establish their place in the industry. Their unique sound has enabled them to grow a huge fan base in Israel. In the coming months, they are looking to release many more projects, including a video with Nadag Dagon and two new albums one from Tal Wollner and “African Sombrero” by Yannay and Fletcher Monsoon.

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