A baboon at a children’s petting zoo has adopted a tiny kitten that strayed into its cage a few weeks ago The kitten has refused to leave, and the baboon hasn’t let the furry feline out of her sight.

The relationship developed at the petting zoo at Kibbutz Ein Harod in the Jezreel Valley. The baboon began treating the little kitty as if she were her own baby. After adopting the kitten, the baboon began doing what any self-respecting Old World monkey might do for a loved one — groomed the kitten and checked her for fleas; fussed over her and carried her everywhere she went.

Playing the role of mommy, the baboon also became protective of her little one, particularly when other animals at the zoo expressed interest in the new, furry creature.

Alas, as is the case with so many other complicated relationships, it’s not all love and roses for the seemingly-strange bedfellows.

The zoo’s manager told Hebrew-language Walla News that the baboon has started stealing the kitten’s food — and that if she keeps up the behavior, the two may have to be separated.

For now, they’re still enjoying one other’s company.