A neighborhood in the city of Elad was evacuated Monday night after a boy brought home an unexploded mortar bomb he found in a nearby forest.

Police ordered residents of Yohanan Ben Zakai Street to move away to a safe distance while sappers were called to deal with the bomb.

The incident was the third time in the past year that residents of the ultra-Orthodox city were forced out of their homes because of arms and munitions found by different children, according to Ynet news.

In May, a boy found an unexploded mortar bomb in the central Israeli area, which is some 15 miles (25 kilometers) east of Tel Aviv.

Two months earlier, a 6-year-old boy found unexploded munitions and brought them home.

In that incident, the thoughtful boy left the material, along with a note to his father saying that he didn’t know if it was dangerous, but just in case he had gone to stay at a friend’s house.

In all of the incidents, the munitions were safely removed by police sappers.

Officials believe the munitions were left over from the time when the area was used as a training ground by the IDF.