JTA — If you knew the name Kurt Schlichter before Wednesday, you were likely a reader of Townhall, the conservative news site where he’s a senior columnist. After Wednesday, he may well wind up being better known as the guy who got in a Twitter spat with the Auschwitz Museum.

On Wednesday morning, Schlichter compared Jews who support President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to Nazi accomplices.

Schlichter’s comment came on the same day that Kerry delivered a lengthy indictment of Israeli settlement policy along with a defense of the US decision not to veto last Friday’s UN resolution condemning Israeli settlement building.

The Auschwitz Museum felt compelled to respond — something it doesn’t do every day.

Schlichter held his ground, preferring to “respectfully” disagree with the institution dedicated to preserving the memory of the millions of Jews murdered during the Holocaust.

But that only provoked more response from other Twitter users, both Jewish and non.

Schlichter, whose Twitter bio reads “Angering leftists by being too pro-Israel for their taste,” devotes a lot of his time to tweeting — and defending himself — on Israel issues. So naturally he fired back at several of his critics.

Still, he might want to listen to some of his Twitter trolls on this one.