Explosion in Petah Tikva lobby injures man

Explosion in Petah Tikva lobby injures man

Attack appears to be tied to underworld

A man was injured by an explosion in the lobby of an apartment building in Petah Tikvah early Sunday morning.

Police are investigating the source of explosion, though they believe it was tied to a local crime feud, according to Ynet news.

This is not the first assassination attempt the man has survived, Army Radio reported.

The man, 30, was rushed to Beilinson Hospital with moderate to serious injuries. Firefighters were called to the building on Asirei Zion street, which filled with smoke after the attack.

Police closed traffic in the area after the explosion, and sappers were called in to help determine its nature.

Grenades and car bombs are popular assassination methods in Israel’s underworld. In 2008, purported crime kingpin Yaakov Alperon was killed when his car exploded in central Tel Aviv.

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